DIY Body Scrub: Coconut Scrub Recipe


What is the main factor that makes you stay fit and healthy? If I am not wrong it is the food habit that you follow. Now how do you expect your skin to be fit if you don’t do regularly what it needs? Your hunger never lets you forget eating. Likewise, dryness in skin should never let you forget skin caring routines.

He he he… look who is sounding like a big granny. :-P. Sorry for the matured talk. I am a total mess when it comes to following things. But I never miss a chance of using all the kitchen ingredients that I actually take out for daily cooking.

Off late my DIY methods hardly involves heating, blending or anything that requires some effort. I am into more of instant mixing and using kind of methods. And the scrub I am sharing here is one such mixture.

As the title mentions, the ingredient that will come handy today is grated coconut.  Of course I need a base for my scrub. I choose cold raw milk.

Just do the following.

  • Grate coconut. Pick a fist full or a little more.


DIY Coconut & Milk body SCrub_Grated coconut+homemade body scrub


  • To a bowl add some cold raw milk. Add half a spoon of turmeric and mix well.


DIY Coconut & Milk body SCrub_turmeric+homemade body scrubs


  • Now, to this add the grated coconut pieces.


DIY Coconut & Milk body SCrub_ingredients mixed+home made body scrub


  • Let it soak for some time before use.


DIY Coconut & Milk body SCrub_coconut soaked in milk+body scrubs


Your scrub is ready.…does this need any skills or efforts!!!!!!! Definitely no. Just mixing.

I have dry skin, and if scrubs are harsh, then it is like ragging my skin to the core. Yet, I need to scrub for shooing away the dry flakes. So, I got to be very careful in choosing my scrub.

DIY Coconut & Milk body SCrub_swatch+body scrub recipe

Skin benefits:

  • The grated coconut pieces form the scrub particles here. They are soft in nature. And further become soft when allowed to be soaked in milk for some time. These form an excellent soft scrub for dry skin.
  • Coconut has moisturizing factor in it. And when used for scrubbing, it naturally becomes a moisturizer for the skin too.
  • Raw milk is more efficient than the boiled milk, for various reasons. (That is a whole lot of topic on its own. So no further discussion about raw milk here. Some other time. Ok.) It soothes all the cuts on the skin due to dryness.
  • Turmeric is an all time all purpose skin caring agent. You mention your problem, turmeric has the solution.

How to use:

Do I have to instruct how to do body scrubbing? It is well known knowledge about the scrubs. :-P.

To be more precise, I use this scrub after shower. Yes. After using the body wash and rinsing off; use this scrub against your skin. After scrubbing, only rinse with warm water, don’t use any soap or shower gel again.

There won’t be any stickiness. I guarantee. The warm water rinsing will do all the needed washing of the scrub from the body. This will keep the skin supple and will definitely give the satisfaction of providing your skin its good food.

That is all for now. Hope this was helpful. 🙂

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  1. nice DIY, but iam sensitive to turmeric, in most of DIY’s they use turmeric, thats y i skip most of DIY’s

  2. Nice pics Chandni :yes: Am awfully allergic to coconut oil so am a bit wary of trying this out 🙁 Looks super good though 🙂

  3. hi DIY…could u plz suggest me something for my face…have oily and dry skin, alongwith acne problem, increasing day by day….plzzzzz


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