DIY brown sugar and honey scrub


DIY brown sugar and honey scrub


DIY brown sugar and honey scrub+body scrub


How many of you lovely ladies like using body scrubs?  All of you I’m sure.  I definately do and my favourite are from the body shop.  There are so many types from so many different brands these days that it is difficult to pick the appropriate one.  If you know to make your own scrub then you can avoid the chemicals that also go into the scrub and have a truly organic scrub that costs almost nothing.

DIY brown sugar and honey scrub+moisturising scrub


Also, since the festive season is approaching us wouldn’t it be nice to make this scrub and give it to your friends?  I thought I would do one and show you how in anticipation of the cool weather.

DIY brown sugar and honey scrub+scrub for dry skin                                                                    Honey being added on the left and oilive oil on the right

During summer it is fine to use a scrub that is floral or citric not only is it refreshing but it is also cooling on the skin.  Now that autumn/winter is coming then you need a scrub that is moisturising and give that warm feeling.  Honey, brown sugar, almond and olive scrubs are ideal.  


DIY brown sugar and honey scrub+home made sensitive skin scrub

For this lovely DIY scrub you will need the following:


  • Half a cup of soft brown sugar.  It is finer and gentler than white sugar and good for sensitive skin.
  • 2 teaspoons of honey.  Honey is a natural source of antioxidants and is a HUMECANT thus helping skin retain moisture.
  • Two teaspoons of olive / essential oil.  I love the rich moisturizing effect of olive oil but you can use other oils as well like almond oil, rosehip, rose and walnut.
  • Half a teaspoon of nutmeg, cinnamon powder or vanilla essence.  You can add this to enhance the fragrance of the scrub.  This is optional.
  • Vessel to mix it or like me a CCD dessert shot glass.
  • Small jar/container to store it.


DIY brown sugar and honey scrub+home-made scrub


Mix all the ingredients together in the vessel of your choice and once you are done just transfer it to the pretty glass jar or container.  That’s it.  You’re done.  Your own home made brown sugar scrub. I would suggest you make small batches of this so that you can use it up when it’s fresh. Enjoy.

DIY brown sugar and honey scrub+honey and brown sugar scrub

DIY brown sugar and honey scrub+festive homemade gifts

Have you ever made your own body scrub?  What are your ingredients?


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  1. Wowww Chrishtina…vvvvv wonderful post :yippee: …actually I love DIY recipes very much :inlove:
    Will try this soon thank you for sharing :hug-makeup:
    Where r u fm? :-))

  2. Chris is toh queen of goodness and DIY’s . Miss problem shooter has a remedy for everything.

    Go go go Chrisssy! :-* :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

    • Oh my gosh your full of lovely things to say today Erica….yes bai Zara…..make ure own scrub instead of buying… least u know the ingredients are pure.

      I made a big amount so I gave all my saturday students a bit to use for their hands and oh my gosh the kids loved it and kept touching each others faces and saying” my hands are so soft, softer than you and blah blah” they were so kicked by it and one boy even asked me to give him some for his dad cause his hands and elbows are so rough.

  3. Chris…i too make this scrub. But my favourite is brownsugar+Tea Tree+Green Tea+Honey+Apple Cider Vinegar. I use it as a FP and scrub it off after 20 mins..dual action..double dhamaka 😀 😀


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