DIY – Brown Sugar Face & Body Scrub


DIY: Brown Sugar Face & Body Scrub

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So far Ruhee & Shivangi have been the Stars Of Wiseshe for coming up with unique DIY ideas! Thanks sweeties for the awesome efforts you put for all of us here. Today, I am doing my bit by bringing a DIY idea I have been using from 2-3 months but due to busy schedule with home renovations and hubby’s official commitments I could never manage to click clear pictures of it so that I could share with you all. Now that all is settled I finally managed to click step by step pictures for this DIY idea and here I am with it! πŸ™‚

brown sugar face & body scrub

Ingredients used in this Brown sugar Face & Body Scrub-

  • Brown Sugar
  • Gram Flour (Besan)
  • Fuller Earth’s Powder (Multani Mitti)
  • Rose Water (Gulab Jal)
  • A bowl & a spatula


ingredients for scrub


Step 1– Take the spatula and add gram flour in appropriate amount so as to be sufficient for the face & body. Add equal quantity of brown sugar in it. Mix the gram flour and brown sugar well.

Step 2– After mixing gram flour & brown sugar add a small quantity of fuller earth’s powder to it and again mix properly. I usually add fuller earth’s powder to all my face pack recipes and scrubs.

steb by step scrub

Step 3– Now add drops of Rose water to the mixture such that all the ingredients mix well to make a thick paste. I usually add 20 drops of gulab jal and that is sufficient.

Step 4– With the help of Spatula mix the ingredients properly to form a smooth consistent paste with brown sugar granules clearly visible and it  is ready to be used.

DIY face & body scrub

How To Use-

I usually keep the consistency a little flowy for the face as I don’t want to go rough with my delicate facial skin which often experiences breakouts.

For using over the body, I add more of gram flour to the mixture to make it a thick paste so that skin of the body is exfoliated properly. Brown Sugar granules are not abrasive on the skin and give a smoother feel after using this DIY.

face & body scrub

I don’t use this scrub for any glow or brightening effect, it is just an exfoliating scrub which I use to get rid of dead skin cells from the surface. I have lots of brown sugar at home so I regularly indulge in this face & body scrub.

brown sugar scrub

I usually prepare it for face & body and the excess remaining after using on the face goes with me in the shower & used up on my body! And also because the sugar will gradually melt in the mixture so what is the whole point of storing it and use it for exfoliation without a scrubbing agent!

Have you tried this Brown Sugar exfoliating scrub?

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