So I had a few queries from my last story ‘quick fix’, as to how I transformed my worn out old sneakers into shoe candy!!! Quick, simple and as easy as a pie!

I really love the fit of these comfy, old shoes and I really didn’t have the heart to chuck them away. But they looked hopelessly scruffy and boring. So what to do? Well, when in doubt….add sparkle!

They look brand new and super trendy and different! (I love owning things that look unique!)


pair of sneakers+women clothing stores


Time to raid your shoe closet girls!! Those old, faithful shoes you thought were at the end of their days, still have a bit of a kick left in them.

Here is what you will need:

  • Fabric glue ( or a really, really strong adhesive)
  • Chandala (available in the market at any store that sells borders, laces…u know designer tools) They are available in a whole range of colours and shapes
  • A steady hand
  • And lastly, a whole lotta patience

You can experiment with different patterns and colours

I have put up a step by step photo tutorial to help you get a clearer picture.


Find an old pair of sneakers. Air them out. They should be completely dry.


DIY pair of trendy sneakers+designer



Take the glue and start by putting tiny pearl drops of it in your desired pattern. But stick the chandala on quickly before it dries and smudges the shoes.


DIY pair of trendy sneakers - sticking chandala +latest fashion shoes



Patiently finish sticking and then dry the shoes off with a hair drier. Or you could just let them dry out in the sun for a bit.


DIY making pair of trendy sneakers +new styles for women



Find a hot outfit, call up your friends and step out in your new, stylish shoes!


DIY pair of trendy sneakers final look+trendy styles


It’s really easy! And so many people appreciated the shoes! Innovative, cheap and chic!

And I know for a fact, that shoes like this would cost me a bomb at any store!!

Hope you guys find it helpful! 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on other easy and quick fixes which you can do at home.



Did you like the trendy Cinderella’s Slippers?

P.S - I am a fashion designer/stylist (NIFT graduate), currently running my own label. I have been styling for various projects in the entertainment industry ever since I graduated and have recently launched a brand by the name of PREVASU (


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  1. Hey Prerna, amaahzing it is:) . I sometimes paint my old bellerinas n sometimes randomly pour glitter, dab dab n done 🙂


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