DIY – Coffee & Egg Yolk Face Mask for Perfect Skin


by Himani

DIY – Coffee & Egg Yolk Face Mask for Perfect Skin

Hey all beauty geeks!!! This is my first blog post and I am both excited and nervous. Hope my take on beauty and make up is interesting and helpful for you beautiful people. My first post had to be about skincare as a good skin is essential for a beautiful make up. We all have heard, time and again, taking care of our skin should be a daily ritual. However, in spite of all the pampering and care, our skin may not turn out as well we expect it to. Your foundation application may get ruined due to dry patches on an otherwise good skin.

I have suffered this fate several times as I have a combination skin. All the efforts of daily CTM seems waste when my make up base is far from perfect. This frustration led me to experiment and come out with a facial mask that seems to address all my issues and makes my face all smooth and oil free, at the same time. So lets explore this mask a bit and see if its perfect for you as well.

This mask is made of three ingredients – coffee, egg yolk and lime juice. All the three ingredients are readily available in our kitchens and probably, already are part of your skin care.


coffee lemon egg yolk skin care


Preparation of the mask:

Step 1: Take a tbsp of coffee. I use coffee grounds instead of instant coffee. This turns my face mask into an effective scrub.  However, any coffee will do.

Coffee for skin:  Coffee is a known anti-oxidant and helps you in fight against ageing. However, since this a quick-fix mask, I use coffee more for its anti-inflammation properties. This reduces the puffiness in the face and gives you an instant slimming effect. This mask is ideal for a day when you need to get your pictures clicked. And the aroma of the coffee makes you feel fresh and energized.

Step 2: Take an egg yolk and mix it thoroughly.

Egg yolk for skin: Egg yolk is ideal for all skin types. It is a water-based emollient that moisturizes your skin without making it oily or acne prone. Infact, it is known to reduce acne and make skin smooth and glowing. The egg yolk in this mask takes care of any dryness on your face, thus making a perfect canvass for your subsequent make up applications.


coffee egg face mask


Step 3: Take a tbsp of lemon juice.

Lemon juice for skin: Lemon juice is full of amazing benefits for skin. This an essential ingredient in this mask to make your skin appear less oily and to give a bright glow to the skin.

Step 4: Mix all the ingredients together to form a paste.

The mixture formed is not very thick and dry. And at the same time, its not very runny either. The consistency should be something like this.


face pack coffee & eggyolk


PS: If you have dry skin, you can also add honey. But be sure to maintain the consistency of the face pack.

Application of the mask:

1. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser.

2. Pat it dry and apply this mask with a brush or clean fingers. You can also apply it on your neck and hands. If you have leftover, refrigerate it and use it within a day or two.

3. Keep the mask on for 15-20 minutes. You will feel the mask tighten your face. Rinse the mask away with warm water.

4. Apply toner and moisturizer and continue directly with your makeup application.

The mask will leave your face slimmer and glowing. The skin will feel soft and smooth, without feeling sticky and greasy. Any primer and foundation application will be flawless.


homemade coffee egg mask


You can use this mask any time you want. The ingredients used are highly beneficial for the skin. However, for me this mask has become an important step before I start applying makeup. If not regularly, use this mask before doing makeup for special occasions.

So, go ahead and try out the mask for a flawless makeup canvass.

Have you used coffee and egg yolk for your skin?

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  1. Wow I have eggs..I have coffee and its sunny outside..Am doing it for sure today..! :-))
    welcome to this amazing space Himani :yes: :yes:

    • Thanks dear.. 🙂 I started experimenting because of my combination skin n viola this time I got something that actually worked for me 😉

  2. Coffee?
    Was that powder is Instant coffee powder line “Bru” or the filter coffee powder?
    Hey Chandini, please clarify my doubt 🙂

    Also, I am a veggie and I don’t like egg yolk smell. Any other alternative please?

    • Hey Jaanu.. I have used coffee grounds as that’s available here.. U can use any strong coffee you like.. We are only after its slimming effect.. 😉
      N you can replace egg yolk with honey.. It will provide the moisturizing effect that we want.. 🙂 Let me know if you have any other doubt..

    • Thanks a lot Chandni.. 🙂 all the ingredients are amazing for the skin and mostly already there in the kitchen.. so good for lazy people like me 😉

    • Hey Pranali.. The mask does stay on the face.. Infact, I roam around wearing the mask 😉 Be careful while adding lemon juice tho.. Too much might spoil the consistency..

    • Hehe I know what u feel.. But trust me d aroma of coffee will cancel out any smell of the yolk n lemon juice makes sure that d yolk does not feel icky on the skin 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Shreya!!!! Dis was a result of mixing and matching d ingredients dat were good on there own for my skin.. Having all in one face mask saves a lot of time n effort 😉 n do let me know d results when you try it.. 🙂

  3. I swear by egg wgite for my oily skin…but after reading this awesome diy post Iam tempted enuf to try egg yolk now. Kudos for a nice writeup Himani :-*

    • Thanks Ruhee.. egg whites have been a part of even my skin regimen for over a decade now.. 🙂 try dis mask out.. u will be surprised how good the yolk is.. N lemon juice will take care to reduce any greasiness on the face.. 🙂

  4. This is great because I have combination skin too. I wonder where can I get coffee grounds. I know coffee is effective in getting rid of cellulites and other stuff but I did not know that it can be a great facial mask ingredient. How often do you use this facial mask? Once a week?

  5. This has turned out to be my favorite DIY facial mask. (I do have an “after” pic if theres a place to share) It makes my face have a glow that is luminous and dewy and no pregnancy is required! ) Lol I told everyone I know to try it!!

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