DIY Cucumber face wash

 Before telling you about the face wash let me discuss few of cucumber benefits known to me.
1. Cucumber helps in reducing swelling and under eye dark circles. Applying cucumber reduces puffiness and tiredness in your eyes and relaxes them up.
2. Cucumber helps in softening the skin and smoothing it. You will find many of the branded parlors using cucumber in their face packs and facials too.
For me cucumber is like a magic wand which is keeping me and my skin alive in this scorching heat of Delhi .I eat at least 1 cucumber every day and when I make my cucumber salad I use it on my face as well.
You can make simple cucumber face wash also which will soften your skin and will avoid appearing of acne as well.
All you have to do is to peel and cut cucumber and place it in a mixer grinder. Take out its pulp juice.
Now take 1 tsp of witch hazel and add it in half cup of cucumber juice .Stir the mixture nicely with the help of a cotton ball and wipe the ball all over your face .Cover your nose, forehead and chin and let it dry.
Voilla!!! You have just cleansed your skin and moisturized it too.
Cucumber face wash benefits oily and combination skin and prevent acne from occurring. Also, you do not have to make this every day. You can easily pour the solution in the bottle and keep it in your fridge.
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  1. I just love using cucumber products in summer. I will try your tip this weekend! But without the witch hazel coz I don't have any :). Will use rose water instead♥xx♥

  2. Shilpa you can use toner or astringent (if you have oily skin)..but try out witch Hazel it is easily available in medical store.

  3. i am not able to get witch hazel, do you know the brand name or something, cos my chemeist gives me a blank stare, everytime i tell him 🙁


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