DIY Face & Body Scrub At Home With Video


DIY Face & Body Scrub At Home

Dear All,

DIY neem scrub soap with neem oil and tea tree oil

I am sharing today a DIY body and face scrub which is purely natural. You can use it for your elbows, your face and every portion which you feel is sensitive and needs scrubbing to be properly cleaning your skin. It is also good for acne prone skin.

DIY soap scrub

Also, you would be amazed at its cost-effectiveness which you will realize by the end of this post. For this scrub soap I have used a lot of nice and natural ingredients. You can use these or any of the variants wherever possible.

diy scrub soap grated

So let’s quickly see the ingredients and the process. Most ingredients are available with us out of our daily needs.

DIY scrub soap with rose powder

For the base of my scrub soap, I am using Neem oil soap from Khadi. I am also using rose powder which is a very good ingredient and helps your skin a lot. Khadi tea tree oil is what I am using as the third ingredient.

diy soap for fce and body

Coffee is the next ingredient; I am also going to use neem oil which is entirely anti-fungal. Always use the coffee with bigger granules as it helps in making the scrub more effective, remember coffee scrub?? Last ingredient is oatmeal. I am using Patanjali Oatmeal which is my bout for beauty treatments as they taste horrible.

DIY scrub soap

Let’s now come to the procedure to make the scrub soap.

diy neem scrub soap

Firstly you would need the muffin tray which would help set up your scrub. The scrub soap making process is very easy and the returns are numerous, believe me. To begin with, I will now grate the Neem Oil soap from Khadi.

DIY neem scrub soap with neem oil You can use any other soap as well which you feel is good for your skin. If your soap is hard, you can preheat it a bit before you grate as it would then be simple to do. Once you are done, you need to heat the grated soap for 40 seconds in the oven. Your goal is to make it a little mushy and not entirely liquid.

DIY neem scrub soap with active neem and natural ingredients Now add rose powder to the mixture and mix. You can also use rose petals after powdering or crushing them.

DIY neem scrub soap with neem oil and tea tree oil

At this point, you need to add all the oils as mentioned in the ingredients above. Add the tea tree oil or any other essential oil you may like. Now add 4-5 drops of neem oil here. If your soap gets harder, you can add water in adequate amount. You need to get it to make it moderately flowing in consistency. I would now add the remaining ingredients – coffee powder and oats and mix to get it to desired consistency. I would keep adding rose powder to add more fragrance to it, time and again.

Now taking the muffin tray and greasing it with neem oil, I placed the mixture in the tray. After filling it, I further added some oats and rose powder on the mixture in each of the tray sets. I now will keep it for cooling in the refrigerator. This soap lathers well and is very good for the skin. My family uses it a lot and we love it as it is an economic way to make 6 soaps out of one with additional beneficial properties which otherwise you cannot.

diy soap molding

I hope you liked this DIY method of creating all natural soap which would help you beautify your skin without harming it.



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