DIY Face Pack Trial By Adivaah


Remember I shared a DIY fruit face pack recipe few days back.Adivaah tried it and sent the pics .

This is what Adivaah  had to say

As soon I saw the DIY Facepack, I decided I’ll come out of my laziness & prepare it. I had it for 15 min & it definitely gives a glow.I didn’t have watermelon, so I used  Banana instead of that.
Thanks for the tip :))

Face Pack Homemade




  1. yup ..i too liked the effort.people have been asking me to make a separate blog on herbal remedies which makes me happy 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this :-)) I know people are so busy these days to try these herbal homemade tips but nothing can beat them :yes:
    At least we have you Anamika, to remind us we can try these tips on weekends :inlove:


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