DIY – Facial Mist Spray With Coconut water, Tamarind And Fenugreek



In our constant effort to keep skin healthy and glowing, there are so many beaut routines which we follow. Here is another homemade product for the skin. Facial skin usually needs a massage, a scrub, a toner, a moisturizer, a pack, and also a facial mist.

This is a simple DIY method of preparing your own facial mist. Facial mist provides the much wanted relaxation for the tired skin. It lifts up the mood too.


Ingredients Required For The Facial Mist:-


When you cut open a fully grown coconut, the sweet water within it is the best in terms of everything you consider. This coconut water is never to be discarded. It has lot of minerals and is good for health. So, it is definitely a good product for tired skin too. When you break open a coconut all that you have to do is keep aside 4-5 spoons of coconut water.


Coconut water for Home made facial mist+face spray


A little methi/fenugreek seeds and a very tiny amount of tamarind are also required to prepare the home made facial mist. Fenugreek has disinfecting property and tamarind has mild bleaching property.


tamarind and fenugreek for Home made facial mist+facial toner


Method of preparation:

  • In a container add coconut water.
  • To this add fenugreek seeds and tamarind piece. Allow the two to soak in coconut water for about 4 hours.
  • Then, slowly separate fenugreek and tamarind from coconut water. Your face mist is ready for use.


Home made facial mist+skin care products



Dip a cotton ball into the home made face mist and apply all over the face and neck. After 15 minutes of application, wash with warm water.

Usually face mists do not need washing off. But since this is coconut water it is sweet and eventually a little sticky (not oily) after some time of application.

Did you like this DIY product for your skin?

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      • Courage required to dab a few drops on the skin.. cuz then i would not get to drink it :P. I luv coconut waterrrr , i mean drinking it 😉

        • I love coconut water too…i need to try this out ..I can imagine how good it must be for the skin..One of my friend applied coconut water on her face for two months regularly and her face looked so much better .


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