DIY Fairness Gel Step By Step


Hello Everyone!!

diy fairness gel
Today I am here to share a fairness gel that you can easily make and use all by yourself. I am sure in our day to day life we are barely getting time to do something for ourselves really. It is actually quite difficult to think about moving out for personal pleasures like going to a salon and feeling princely with your busy routine. But now that you will know this DIY easy fairness gel, you would sure love to spare these 5-10 minutes of application for yourself.

DIY fairness gel ingedients list

I am going to discuss it here and the quantity should last you over a month or two even with regular weekly usage. The ingredients are readily available and you would find it easy to make with great results.

empty bowl for DIY fairness gel
Let us quickly discuss it. For this gel, you would need an empty container, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, aloe vera gel and vitamin E capsules. Regarding tea tree oil. I am using the one from Khadi which is a popular brand and is quite good when it comes to curing blemishes, outbursts and other similar problems.

Patanjali gel for Diy fairness gel

For Aloe vera gel, I am using Patanjali gel which I have been using and I like the effect. You are free to use any aloe vera gel you want but do ensure it suits you well.

khadi tea tree essential oil for fairness and care

Patanjali is rather safe to use because of its reputation so I prefer using this one. Lemongrass oil is easily available at stores and is also available online; you should always keep one with you in stock as its benefits are numerous. You cannot ignore the various other benefits and usages that this can be put to.

soulflower lemon grass essential oil for DIY

Now to begin with the procedure, you need one bowl and spatula. Add two to three teaspoons of aloe vera gel. I am using this much as I feel it is enough to last me for a month at least post which I can renew it and use. To this gel, I would add 3 vitamin E capsules by poking a hole in them.

essential oil adding in fairness gel

You can obviously alter the number of capsules as per aloe vera quantity depending upon the amount you are looking to store. It is very good for dry an doily skin people.

mixing fairness gel

Now I will put lemongrass oil about 3-4 drops. Now pour 3-4 drops of lemongrass oil into it. All that is needed now is to mix this gel. And believe me the first thing you would fall for is the aroma. You would love its fruity fragrance. It sure is enough to mesmerize you and tempt you to use it regularly.

vit e for fairness

Plus the ease to prepare this gel would also persuade you to make it again and again and use it too. The results are also very good as I have been using it for a while now.

vit e for fairnesss gel

Now store this in the container and use it as and when you like. It is purely natural and makes you look good.

Empty container for fair ness gel storage

I can assure you good returns for someone with pigmented skin or for someone with an oily skin or even a dry skin. Do try this and let me know your views.

diy fairness gel storage

For now, I am definitely in love with this gel and it feels divine. 😀

hand swatch of fairness gel

Here is the video of this DIY Gel ..Let us know if you have any question we would love to help you out.


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