DIY – Gelatin Hair Mask For Voluminous Hair


DIY – Gelatin Hair Mask For Voluminous Hair


Hey lovelies, this is my first post dedicated to DIYs, and I am going for Hair Mask. I know all of you like to prepare and apply homemade hair masks often and we love them for their amazing results, don’t we? So ladies I am going to share a DIY today that will provide your hair volume temporarily, you know there’s nothing can be done to the genes 🙁 . so this post ain’t only for those with straight and limp hair, people often believe that curly hair are thick and coarse but I am a girl with curls and no volume 😛 so I struggle to find the best hair products for me. Sometimes if I find something working for my scalp and giving it volume, and then it doesn’t works for my strands and vice versa. Nowadays I totally rely on this hair mask for giving the beauty my hair deserves. I hope you’ll also like this.


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Gelatin Hair Mask

Our hair is made of Keratin Protein and by now most of you have tried products containing Keratin. But did you know that Gelatin is loaded with Keratin? Well now you know it. This mask helps in giving the hair a little more thickness so that they look full and voluminous and shiny ofcousre. This fills the gaps between your hair and makes them appear fuller naturally. But the effect is temporary! I prefer using this mask over using a Volume shampoo and conditioner which soaks up all the moisture of my hair leaving them dry with volume. But because of this now I choose a healthy shampoo according to my hair type and forgetting about the volume. Yay! Thank You Gelatin!

Now let’s get to the real part after my blabbering 😛

Ingredients: Gelatin and warm water (only)


Dissolve 1-2 tbsp of uflavoured gelatin or 1 complete Gelatin sheet in 1 cup of warm water. The mixture should be of a medium runny consistency and not like your conditioner. Apply this warm mixture after washing your hair, you can skip the conditioner when you use this mask. Let it sit for 15 minutes and work up those strands. Wear a shower cap and roam around in between :-P. then rinse it and style as usual.


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This is really easy peasy and you can easily buy Gelatin in all bakery shops (not the Vegan ones) and in the Supermarkets as well. Don’t buy the vegetarian substitute (Agar Agar) that people use to set jellies.

We hope you like it when you try this out.

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  1. you come up with some unique things and I love them 🙂 , I always like trying out new stuff trying it this week itself 🙂

    • Nope, no side effects at all, it is infact nourishing because of all that Keratin 🙂
      I have the same texture as urs 🙁


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