DIY – Ginger Mask For Acne , Blackheads & Skin Problems


We all know, Ginger is a great spice…but did you know ginger is beneficial for your skin too?

Yes, ginger contains anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties along with astringent properties that keep you away from skin problems like acne, blackheads, pimples and other breakouts. Ginger also helps in lightening acne marks, spots and blemishes. It also tightens skin when used regularly. Tempting no?? All these benefits tempted me towards ginger mask and I thought of making a mask which I’m going to share today. 🙂

Things you will need:

  • Ginger
  • Olive Oil
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Rose Water

Steps To follow:

Step 1: Take ginger and grind it in mixer to make a paste of it. You can also use ginger paste which is easily available but I prefer making fresh ginger paste every time I apply this mask. I use I tbsp paste and that is enough to apply on face and neck.


DIY Ginger face mask Step1+face pack


Step 2: Now add 5-6 drops of olive oil in the ginger paste. Olive oil hydrates your face and keeps it moisturized. Mix it with the help of spoon so that olive oil gets completely mixed with ginger paste. I am using Figaro olive oil; you can use any that you have.


DIY Ginger Face mask Step2 Mix olive oil+homemade face pack


Step 3: Now add half tbsp rose water in paste, rose water keeps you fresh and relaxes you. There is not even a single face mask available in the market that does not contain rose water in it…. so how can we miss it? Here I am using Lotus herbal Rose tone which is reviewed on BHB, you can use any rose water you want.


DIY Ginger Mask Step3 Add rose water+skin care


Step 4: Now mix all the three ingredients completely so that you face can take benefit of all three.

Step 5: Mixture is ready-to-use. Apply it on face and neck and keep it for 20 minutes or 30 minutes. It is completely natural so you can keep it for as long as you want since it will not harm you in any way.


Ready to use Ginger mask+care skin


After, wash your face and apply toner or ice to close your open pores and then moisture you skin. 🙂

This mask gives an instant glow and lightens marks when used once a week… yes! Believe me! 🙂 I don’t have aging problem so I can’t comment on that but it will surely give you glow.

Do try this and let me how it worked for you. 🙂


Have you tried ginger for your skin?


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  1. Does it not irritate skin first?? coz ginger generally do irritate a bit 🙂

    this is something new to know .. nice article yaa thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I don’t know about irritating the skin that Deboshree will be able to tell you better but i have heard great things about ginger face packs.


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