DIY – Greek Yogurt Face Mask


DIY – Greek Yogurt Face Mask


Greek Yogurt anyone? Don’t say NO. I will never be able to believe my ears.

It is the yummiest thing you would ever want to say no. Greek yogurt is as same as the regular yogurt in taste, but double or even more the thickness, with double the protein content.

Greek yogurt helps skin become firmer, reduces fine lines, and soothes the itchy dry skin. You get that? Something that helps the dry skin in its minimal capacity will surely find its way out to me. I will not spare a single stone or even mud or rather soil if it will help my dry skin.


DIY greek yogurt mask


Greek yogurt provides the highest possible moisturizing to the skin. It soothes the skin instantly.

I saw a flashy ad space on my page saying Korres Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream and was so tempted. But sigh!! The price!!! $38. Do I have a means of earning $38 instantly to spend the same amount so instantly on this cream? God please shower some on me. So, the whole episode forgotten as quickly as the ad had flashed.

But I could not resist when I saw a tub of Greek Yogurt at my local departmental store, the most natural form it could ever be in. God did shower a lot on me. ;-). This tub in my kitchen is no less than Sephora. Right?

So, here you go, my greek yougurt face mask with a pinch of cinnamon.

Ingredients: Greek Yogurt Face Mask

  • 2 spoon of Greek Yougurt
  • Half spoon of grounded cinnamon.

Just the 2 ingredients. Mix them well until u see there are no traces of cinnamon powder.


greek yogurt face mask


Apply the creamy greek yogurt and cinnamon mixture all over face and neck evenly. Use finger tips or brush, which ever idea is appealing to you. Leave on for about half an hour. Use warm water to wash off.

I find this best done before sleeping at night. My baby keeps coming back to sniff me. ;-).

I want you all to try this soon. Get ready go. I believe you all are lactose tolerant beauties.

Have you tried the Greek Yogurt Mask for your skin?

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  1. i agree with u as i have used it couple of times ( after googling on greek women’s beauty secret). the result is amazing . but i m too lazy 2 put a face mask on regular basis


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