DIY – Green Tea Face Scrub


DIY – Green Tea Face Scrub


Hello beautiful friends!

I am back with my DIY marathon. I am doing better now and these days my only concern is to control the ever producing excess oil on my face. With this, I did some experiment with green tea and it turned out to be my favourite scrub now! Wanna know what is it and how you can make it to have a beautiful skin? Read on


green tea for acnes


Green Tea Face Scrub Mask

Ingredients Needed:

  • Green tea
  • honey
  • lemon juice
  • rice powder

Method of preparation:

Take a small bowl and a spoon. Dip and let green tea bag be a little warm and moist.


green tea face cleanser


Now, open the tea bag from the upper portion and empty the tea bag into the bowl and evenly mix it with the spoon so that the green tea particles are separated properly.

Now, take pure honey in a spoon and pour the honey into the green tea that you have kept in the bowl and stir well to mix the green tea particles and honey.


honey hair care


Now, this step is optional. Slice half of a fresh lemon and just squeeze it into the mixture so that 5-6 drops are added to the mixture of green tea and honey. If it is very runny, take 1 big spoon of rice flour and stir the mixture well so that it mixes properly.

You are done with a face scrub that is loaded with benefits for your skin. This will help with acne scars as well as oil control. A very beneficial scrub for oily skin.

Easy to make and use. You will definitely going to love the after effects.

Are you going to try this out?

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