DIY – Green Tea & Rice Flour Face Pack


by Ramya

DIY – Green Tea & Rice Flour Face Pack


Hello gals 🙂 ,

Here i am ready with my another DIY . I love DIY concoctions very much because of the fact that i create/change them according to climate and my skin need ( ah i sound like scientist 😛 ) With this approaching intense summers i look for solutions to treat my combination skin which turns oily and dull.

I try to keep myself hydrated by drinking loads of water , green tea , nimbu pani 😀 .But still my skin demands  pampering  😛 , So the following  face pack which also works as scrub has helped my skin so much . I follow a procedure to get maximum benefits . Here goes

Things Needed :

  • 1 sp Green tea
  • 1 sp Rice flour
  • 1 sp Honey.


greentea fack pack

riceflour & green tea for skin


Procedure of making Green Tea & Rice Flour Face Pack:

  • Mix Green tea powder , rice flour , honey  in a bowl .
  • Clean your face with luke warm  water , pat dry , apply the face pack ,
  • Leave for 15 min ,Take some water , scrub for 5 – 10 min . wash off with cold water .


green tea face mask recipe


Green tea has loads of benefits .It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body.

Rice flour exfoliates skin well and is also helpfull in tan removal .

Honey provides necessary moisture I will add lemon juice if i am using this pack after a long day in outdoor  .


green tea facepack


Things to consider :

We can use fresh or used green tea bags or powder . The effectiveness of the pack does not change.

Cleaning  face with luke warm water open pores so that the scrub can clear all impurities well .

After scrubbing we have to wash with cold water so that pores are closed and their size is also reduced .


green tea face mask


Hope all of you try with face pack and benefit in same way as i have 🙂 .

P.s : I drink green tea only during day ( before 6 pm ) , If i consume after that time i can’t sleep .

Did anything of that sort happened to anyone .

Have you tried making your own green tea face mask?

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  1. I drink green tea first thing inthe morning. I use tea bags, I have a doubt
    Can we use the concoction or the leaves since I have tea bags can use the left of concoction or the leaves

  2. Looks like an amazing face pack Ramya 🙂 look for non-caffeine green tea.. some brands may have caffeine even in green tea..


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