DIY – Hair Serum cum Moisturizer


DIY – Hair Serum cum Moisturizer


Hi beautiful ladies. Today I am going to introduce to you a hair serum, which I came up with. I wanted a silicones free serum since my shampoo and conditioner are…so here it is.

Let me introduce you to my hair. I have chocolate brown hair, curly and frizzy in nature. My hair looses moisture in winter and splits. But I have managed my hair from damage this time.

Things you will need:

  1. glycerine
  2. vitamin e capsules
  3. aloevera gel
  4. Distilled or rose water
  5. Essential oil
  6. Storing bottle


DIY Hair Serum Moisturizer


Now for the procedure:

  • Take glycerine in a clean bowl, and add 8 to ten vitamin capsules. Like 10 capsules for 100 ml of serum


Vitamin E hair serum


  • Now add 2 table spoons of aloevera gel. Try using as pure gel as possible. Add 10 to 12 drops of lavender or any essential oil depending on your hair type. Beat the whole mixture.


Homemade Hair Moisturizer


  • Now add equal parts of distilled water or rose water to it. Mix well and store it. The whole mixture should be in 1:1 ratio of glycerine and water.

You are done.

Always shake before usage.

I use this as a hair moisturizer whenever I wash my hair and every alternate day at night before I sleep. Works amazing when used as an overnight treatment…You will feel oily few hours so donÒ€ℒt use on scalp if you want to style your hair. Use it as a fixer in the end and along the lengths and ends. It kinda acts like a hair gel on hair.


DIY Hair serum swatch


Working and its benefits:

  1. Glycerine is a humectant. So it absorbs moisture from atmosphere into hair and maintains hydration of your hair. Never use it undiluted as if the air is drier than your hair, the reverse happens like in a desert area. I never had that issue here and even in the rainiest time, my hair was frizz free.
  2. Aloevera gel hair the same effect and protects from sun damage and heals scalp skin. no dandruff πŸ™‚
  3. Vitamin e, well need I say how good it is? It wonÒ€ℒt be greasy at all. It just gives perfect nourishment and repairs hair damage.
  4. Lavender has anti inflammatory properties. It relaxes hair cuticles, shaft and scalp. Rose water and rose oil has same properties. Perfect for curly and wavy hair. Lemon grass can be used for oily haired girls. Look, search and only then choose.

My hair is more smoother, frizz and tangle free and no build up and silicones. Completely damage free hair πŸ™‚

This serum can be used on your face and body if you have dry skin. Few drops of mint or eucalyptus oil can keep your head cool, sweat free and sun safe during hot seasons.

The serum can be refrigerated or keep in a cool dry place. Shelf life is 6 to 8 months. Add grape seed oil if you want longer.

I hope you have good results as I did. Please try and let me know if you have any other ideas πŸ™‚ also for doubts…. comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good day

Did you like this hair serum and moisturizer duo?

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  1. I have pin straight no fussy hair, with a scalp that tends to get oily every 3 days so I won’t be using this as a hair serum. But I have very very dry skin, so I’ll definately give this a shot for that!

    • how much you usually use a serum πŸ™‚ same amount..though use it o damp hair and dry in naturally for best results:) can be used on dry hair as well but do it overnight as it kinda acts like a styling gel and you might feel oily a bit at firs πŸ™‚

  2. Nice and easy i would say. but dnt u think it ll make hair little sticy at d end of the day ?? if not then would give a try dharani :))


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