DIY Home Remedies That Really Work

Bath  Oil : You can prepare your own bath oil by mixing equal parts of olive oil and almond oil and  then add two pinch of saffron strands to it .Prefreably use glass bottle(i use old hamdard rogan badam oil bottle) now close the lid and  hold it over a pan of boiling water , half dipped in water( do not allow bottle to touch the base of hot pan) hold it in boiling water for five to seven min. Now take it out and  allow it to cool down. Keep the bottle in dark place for two three days and then ready for use.Your own handmade lightening brightening after bath oil 🙂
DIY Home remedies nail growth oil haldi paak
Note: Can be used at night too.(to prevent insect or mosquito bites at night ,add a drop of lavender essential oil to it before use).


 Peel and  cut 10 garlic pods, heat 50ml of olive oil and  when hot add finely chopped garlic.Heat till garlic turns light brown and turn the gas off  after  it  cools, add 1tsp of almond oil, 2 capsules of vitamin e into it.Use it to massage your hands and nails every night and  you  will see results in no time.This oil can be stored up to a month.

For winters, I use wheat chokkar( Sieve flour ) as scrub for my normal skin. Soak 1 tbsp of it in 10 spoons of water( if normal skin) or in milk(dry skin) next morning use it directly on face as scrub
NOTE: Use continuously for 3 days and then once or twice a week (u can see a rosy glow on skin on third day).
Healthy lips and Glowing Face:
Oiling your naval with a drop of mustard oil every night not only ensure healthy lips but also brings a glow on your face.
HALDI-METHI-SAUTH PAK: its eaten by every member of my family to stay away from all winter diseases when I was younger I use to hate it like anything but because of my strict mum,I had to have it at any cost.My grandma use to say that our blood changes twice a year around navaratri.So having this recipe helps to form pure,clean blood free from diseases. u can prepare it at home. here come the recipe(four a family of 4),
Things Required
4 tsp of haldi
8 tsp of gur(jaggery)
2 tbsp of freshly crushed dry coconut
2 tbsp of chopped nuts(almonds,cashews, melon n sesame seeds)
2tbsp of coarsely crushed makhane(lotus seeds)
2tsp of ghee;4tsp of water
Heat  pan ,add 1 tsp of ghee and  fry nuts and makhane in it for 3 to 4min. Shift it to a plate, and in same pan add gur(Jaggery) and water and melt it while stirring conti. After It melts  turn the gas of n mix all ingredients in it mix nicely and ready to eat( I have it with a glass of hot garlic milk but you  may have it with plain hot milk or with saffron milk) have it before you sleep and  don’t drink water after it ,at least for an hour and  after that you may have warm water if u want.
NOTE:first day its Haldi pak , second day its Methi(fenugrrek seeds) pak and  finally third day its sauth pak (Dry ginger) add them at place of haldi ,for methi pak u need 1 additional tsp of ghee to soak (dry roasted n powdered)methi overnight. This course of 3 days will need to be followed every month (winters).
  • Natural antibiotic
  • Protects for diseases not only in winters but will show its results in summers too ( lesser or no acne) as u will have purer blood
  • Gives a glow to your skin
  • Easy and cheap recipe
Only drawback is its TASTE but as said  in hindi “neem ka kadvapan bhi sharir ko meetha bankar lagta hai” and  my mum’s love and strictness makes me have it every year.
All u beauties try these homemade tricks and  get lovely compliments for  your good health n glowing skin.
Good Day Everyone!
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  1. This is soooo helpful Shivani! M gona try all these things for sure..

    I had no idea that mustard oil being used on the navel can be gud for the face! this is a total surprise..

  2. Really nice tips Shivani!

    My granny also used to force me to drink neem – kerala juice every morning when I was in college.. for the first 2 mnths I wld throw up the very instant I would drink it, but after that I was able to keep it down. It did lessen my acne now that I think about it 😀

  3. So helpful tips. Thnaks.
    I have brittle nails so I’m gonna surely try this.
    Oiling the navel tip I read it somewhere that Rahul Dravid follows it.

    Does that Haldi pak taste really that bad?
    My 6yr old son is prone to wheezing in winters so I thgt of giving him this pak.

  4. ooooooooo Wud make myself a bottle of bath oil for winters :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: and i even oil my naval for healthy lips 😉 :blush: Gr8 post Ana :dance: :dance:

  5. hello prerna di,
    i m not sure but u may get wheat flour (with chokkar)at big bazaar etc. OR for once buy wheat around 2- 5 kgs and make it grind at flour mill n ask the person to grind it a bit coarse (mota atta)so u may get maximum chokkar out of that. and from 2 kgs mota atta u will get enough chokkar to go smoothly around 3months

  6. prerna di i am so happy to read that ur expecting an angel O:-) when my sis was pregnant she use to blush like anything. i remember her rosy cheeks. u might also be seeing it na? i wish u get a healthy n ever smiling :cute: baby.

  7. Hi Shivani, I bumped into this post a few days back and started using the bath oil. Its been two days only and my skin already looks so much better. I cant thank you enough. Its so light and gets absorbed into the skin so easily and kesar sure helps in lightening/brightening 😀 Thank youuuuu so much!!


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