DIY – Homemade Coconut & Neem Oil For Hair Fall


DIY – Homemade Coconut & Neem Oil For Hair Fall 


Hello all! 🙂

Another DIY for you guys and the most easy one, of course, for the most serious problem of hair fall.

Until a year back, I never wanted long hair as I was vary about their handling and care. But when I started taking interest in new hairstyles I got the urge to grow them long enough for me to try different hairstyles. Now, I know a lot of hairstyles but my below-the-shoulder layered hair just don’t cooperate. I want them to grow faster. Amidst my wish to grow them long, I came across an amazing DIY which not only aids hair growth but also effectively controls hair fall and promotes thicker hair. This amazingly easy DIY is a magical cure for all your hair problems.


coconut oil skin whitening


Ingredients Needed:

  • Half cup of coconut oil
  • Neem leaves


Benefits of Neem for skin



  • Take half a cup of cocunut oil in a pan and heat it. Do not let it boil.
  • Add some neem leaves to the heated oil and let it heat further till the leaves turn brown.
  • Keep the flames to simmer and do not boil the mixture. It would take 5-7 minutes for the neem leaves to turn brown.
  • Now, strain the oil using a sieve.

What? You are done 😀 (Told you it was easy)

Apply this oil to your hair and scalp and massage a night before washing your hair. In case, you are a busy bee or a super lazy person ir don’t get time, you can massage your hair with this oil half an hour before washing. To let you hair absorb oil completely you can go for hot towel treatment. In this, you wrap your oiled hair with a towel dipped and drenched in hot water and repeat for 10minutes. This is effective when you don’t have time to leave your hair oiled overnight.

Now, comes the benefits of this oil. Coconut oil, as known to all, is a magic potion for the hair. Ditch all the oils and go for the extra virgin coconut oil to treat any problem. It is most effective to soothe out skin rashes, burns and some serious itching problems.


gooseberry hair oil+herbal hair oil+good hair oil preparation


Neem leaves have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. They aids in the treatment of dandruff and hairloss.

You can use this oil to grow thicker, shinier hair. This is very effective to treat the problems of dandruff, frizzy hair, itchy scalp, hair loss, hair thinning and even baldness. If someone has suffered from baldness, they can use this oil along with their regular medicines.

This is an oil with multiple benefits and this DIY is super easy. You can store as much as you want.

I hope you like this and try it. You can use this oil regularly to avoid any hair fall. And yes, I forgot to mention, this diy oil is equally effective for men.

Keep your tresses strong and long! 😀

How do you treat hair fall problem?

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