DIY: Homemade Natural Scrub from Cashew, Milk and Butter-milk



Hello friends. How are you all?? Today I am going to share a homemade natural scrub which is used in my family from generations after generations. It is very useful as well as effective making your skin satin smooth. All ingredients are easily available at home and you can even restore it for days. All you need to do is rub your skin with this scrub. You will be shocked to know how much dirt you still have even after much cleansing with face washes. This scrub is applicable for entire body.


  • 3 tablespoon of maida or wheat flour,
  •  2 teaspoon cashew paste,
  •  4 tablespoon milk,
  •  3 tablespoon of butter-milk or malai.


Homemade Natural Scrub Ingredients+homemade body scrubs



  • Take 3 tablespoon of maida or wheat flour in a bowl. Add butter-milk and cashew paste in it.


Home made scrub ingredients added+home made body scrub


  • Then add 4 tablespoon of milk in it and mix it well.


Home made scrub milk added+home made facial scrub


  •  Mix all the ingredients to make a thick white paste.


Home made scrub mixed well+home made scrubs


  •  Apply this paste in your face and neckline.
  •  Let it dry for few minutes until it turns little white in color.
  •  Start rubbing your face with a little water.


Home made scrub - hand swatch+home made face scrub


  •  After you are all done with scrubbing, wash your face with water.

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  1. Ooh I’ve never heard of cashew paste being used in a face pack! Worth trying and n luckily I have all of this in my house!

  2. Is there any substitute for Malai :p
    I fall in the category of people who run away from that smell… that dairy wala malai ka smell (yukk yukk) :p

  3. i never used anything else rather than these wont be able to sort it out..
    still i guess its better if you add few drops of your fav essential oil to avoid the milky smell!!


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