DIY – Homemade Scrub-Moisturizer from Almond and Rose


by sahiba

Hi everyone,

I am Sahiba and this is my first post for wiseshe.

I have dry skin and it gets worse in winters. No matter how many creams I have tried till date; the only things that work for me are either forest essential products or the home made ones. The recipe that I have brought here today was intended to be a scrub but it moisturized my skin superbly too; so I named it scrub cum moisturizer.

Let us get started with our easy homemade scrub moisturizer ๐Ÿ™‚

Step 1:ร‚ย Take a few almonds and grind them in a mixer/grinder.


DIY scrub & moisturizer


Step 2:ร‚ย Gather 1 spoon each of grounded almonds, milk cream and sugar. Also arrange for a rose flower, preferably desi Indian rose.ร‚ย  (So you see, the rose in the picture is not just for a creative pic; it is an ingredient itself)


DIY almond rose for dryskin


Step 3:ร‚ย Mix them all up. Although in the start I felt like adding water/ rose water to have a smooth mixture but as I progressed I felt mixing without water would yield a more effective consistency.


DIY almond rose moisturizer


Step 4:ร‚ย The properly mixed ingredients make a thick paste.


DIY scrub and moisturizer


You can pick the mixture with your finger tips and apply in circular motion on your face. Be soft in your strokes as the freshly added sugar particles would be harsh if rubbed with more force. After massaging for 30 seconds- 1 minute you can leave it on your face like that for about 10 minutes. You can even skip this step if you do not have time. I kept it on for 5 minutes after messaging and then removed it with a scrubbing motion with water.


All the dead skin was removed; I had a visibly fair complexion and super glowy skin. If you want you can wear a mask post this and you are done with the whole ritual.


almond rose scrub swatch


I have never tried anything as effective and quick as this recipe. Try for yourself and let me know.

Things to be careful about:

  1. This recipe is strictly not for oily skinned beauties as it contains milk cream.
  2. Do not add milk cream more than the said quantity because then it will make your skin greasy.

Until next time, take care!

Have you tried rose petals for your skin?

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