DIY – Homemade Strawberry Cleanser & Pack


DIY – Homemade Strawberry Cleanser & Pack


Strawberries have been my favourite off late. Actually my daugterÒ€ℒs favourites slowly turns out to be my favourite too. πŸ˜›

I crush at least tiny piece every now and then for whatever skin food I do. It has great fragrance and lovely color. Both the color and fragrance are very refreshing.


Strawberry skin care


Today, Let us prepare a homemade cleanser and a face pack with some strawberry and other naturally occurring ingredients from the kitchen shelf.

Ingredients needed:

  • 1 starwberry.
  • Half cup milk (or even less)
  • One spoon gram flour
  • One spoon corn flour

I usually prepare in the exact quantity I want and empty it off while using. I do not prefer storing or refrigerating the homemade skin products. Does not sound like a good idea to me.

Strawberry is the most famous flavour ingredient used in almost all skin care product of various brands. From lesser known brands to drug store brands and even to any of the high end brands. They come in all face washes, moisturizers, cleansers, day or night cream, face or body scrubs, even face packs.

They are well known for their vitamin C and astringent property that is best for glowing skin. They reduce wrinkles and keep the skin supple and soft.

Milk is an excellent moisturizer for all types of skin. The lactic acid is the component that makes it perfect for skin.

Corn flour is usually a thickener in my kitchen. For all the soups and thick gravy, corn is the solutions. Did you know corn also serves our skin and hair? Ask for any service you want from corn flour, and it is granted. It is an excellent blackhead remover, tan remover, dead cells and skin remover, oil-dirt-grime remover, acne marks remover, pigmentation remover; basically removes everything unwanted. It gives good health and texture to both skin and hair.

Gram flour is not new to the world of beauty. It leaves the skin squeaky clean.

To begin with the preparation of the cleanser and face pack, you will need a bowl and a mixing spatula or spoon.

Preparation of strawberry & milk cleanser:

  • Make small pieces of strawberry and add it to a blender.
  • To the blender add milk and make a paste of the two.


Starwberry & Milk Cleanser


This makes a very good cleanser for face and neck. Removes dirt without much effort.

Using of strawberry & milk cleanser:

You will need just one spoon of this blended strawberry & milk cleanser. Massage throughout face and neck for few minutes. Then take a slightly damp cotton ball and remove the cleanser.

Preparation of strawberry & corn facepack:

  • For the face pack, let us make use of the remaining strawberry & milk blend.
  • To the bowl, add one spoon corn flour and gram flour each.
  • Whisk well until both the flours get mixed well and forms a thick consistency.


strawberry face pack recipe

strawberry & corn starch pack

Let it settle for sometime before using.

Using of strawberry & corn facepack:

This face pack is as same as any other face pack. Apply with face pack brush or finger tips in the thickness you prefer.

Once the pack dries, wash off with warm water.


strawberry cornstarch facepack


I hope these two recipes of strawberry cleanser and face pack was helpful.

Have you tried strawberry in your face pack?

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  1. What a yummy DIY..! i am gonna pick strawberries now..I am too tempted to try this cleanser pack..! :-))
    Excellent Chandni :yes:


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