DIY – How To Make Eyeliner At home


DIY – How To Make Eyeliner At home


Hello goodie goodie people!

How are you all doing? Need I say more, what I am writing today? πŸ˜›

Obviously it is another easy peasy DIY.hehe! I can’t stop myself from trying out different things and when I find out the easiest way, I am delirious to share it with you guys, ’cause you love them to the core πŸ˜€


Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner Blackened EOTD


I am so excited about today’s DIY . It is how to make an eyeliner at home. I told a trick to save yourself when you are out of eyeliner at a real bad time i.e to use mascara for eyeliner. Now, i will be sharing a 2 minute recipe to a homemade eyeliner.

Let’s see what we need for making Eyeliner At Home

  • Ò€’ old eyeshadow(powered)
  • Ò€’ water
  • Ò€’ an eyeliner brush(slanted preferably)

Preparation Time– 2 minutes

Method:How To Make Eyeliner At Home

Take a base, an old plate or something. Sprinkle some powered eyeshadow on to it and mix a few drops of water. Mix with your eyeliner brush and tadaaaa!! Apply it on your eyes. So so simple and awesome DIY. So, whenever you are out of your eyeliner, just mix and apply. You know the best thing about this DIY, you can play with colours! You want a black grey liner just sprinkle some grey black eyeshadow. Pick up your coloured eyeshadows and start eye lining your eyes! πŸ˜€ if you have an old palette or broken eyeshadow, i guess you can use it this way, also you can make your own matte nail paint too as stated in one of my articles. A few things to take care.

Do not mix a lot of water, a few drops would be suffice. On the same note, don’t use water niggardly. Over and under usage of water will ruin your DIY eyeliner. Perfect mix will give you perfect eyes ;)-

How do you like this amazing DIY? -Will you give it a try?

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  1. I apply my eyeliner dis way only.. Dis is an awesome trick for people with small eyes like me.. Much better than the regular eyeliner taking the entire lid space πŸ˜‰
    Awesome post Shivangi πŸ™‚


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