DIY: How To Make Your Own Henna Paste At Home


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We all do so many things for our face and body. But when it comes to hair, we just keep it pampering only with oil, shampoo and may be at the most a conditioner too..(This is my case at least.). Years before, I used to apply henna for my hair and truly I do have a beautiful hair before. I once came across a TV program showing henna application and it said you have to henna your hair once in 6 months. And trust me, doing henna for your hair one thing which is the best that you can do for your hair. From my own personal experience and some google-ing I would mention the following uses that you get from doing Henna.

  • It helps you condition your hair.
  • It gives an instant cooling effect for your hair. The moment it touches your scalp, you can feel the coolness.
  • Good for dandruff.
  • No more drastic hair loss issues.
  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Can be used for covering grayed hair. (But it will leave it with its golden brown effect offcourse. Black henna is better for this)
  • And for the last but not the least, it will give you one more reason to love your hair.

Things to keep in mind before you prepare for Henna:-

1.It is better to have a oily but not so oily hair. Don’t get confused, pls.

2.Don’t try to henna your hair if you are suffering from cold or fever and try to avoid it in winters too. Because as I previously said, it may end up leaving you like an ice. 😛

Now, let us begin.

I think I should begin with a sorry. The reason is that I actually prepared it before. I had a bulb lightened only after some time. So, I think I would replay it.

These are the things you need to have for making the henna paste.

  • Henna powder—2 cups
  • Lemon juice—2,3 tablespoon
  • Tea leaves—2,3
  • Cloves–5,6
  • Dried amla soaked— 1 cup This is again available in ayurvedic stores.(if you use it, I would say it is better to have some rice water and soak it overnight. Put it in the mixieand blend it the next day. Add it to the henna mixture.) You can use it alone too..

Here is an image of dried amla.

How to make henna paste_dries amla

  • Water—as required
  • Sugar—3 tablespoon

This is an image of boiled water

How to make henna paste_henna soaked in water

To begin, take the henna powder in a bowl. Try to dissolve the grains in it. Keep it aside. Now take a saucepan and keep it on the stove. Add the water and when it comes to boil, add the lemon juice, tea leaves and cloves. Allow it to boil for 5 more minutes. Sieve this water and pour it slowly to the mehandi powder. Mix it so well.

This is the final output

How to make henna paste_final paste

Some Tips:-

  • Don’t add all the water at one go or else you will lose its consistency.
  • Do Mix it well and avoid lumps completely.
  • Don’t make it too thick, as it will be difficult for you to spread on your hair.
  • Don’t make it too loose, as it will cause more spills. (Be sure with the consistency)
  • Don’t keep it for more than an hour.

Many make the henna mixture at their own ways. You can customize it accordingly. For customizing you may use:-

  • Tamarind paste
  • Neem leaves
  • Shikakai powder—Available in ayurvedic stores
  • Aloe vera.
  • Egg (yes! you can use the whole egg. It have conditioning properties. I sometimes I use it alone for my hair. But even if you do not say anyone that I have used an egg for hair, anyone with a nose can understand that you have done something with egg. It fills your bathroom with an egg-y smell.:(. After my mom`s several shouting, I have quitted it now. But it is the best conditioner I would say.)

Now that’s it. I would also help you with how to apply it properly on hair. I thought I would do a separate post on that. Happy henna-ing.:-) and stay beautiful.

Have you thought of making your own heena paste at home ?

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  1. People run away from me if I ever use eggs on my hair , but my hair indeed feels great after that. We have a sort of norm here of fellow classmates smashing eggs on each others heads when celebrating holi :devil: , the festival of colours , but seriously , I do not complain XD A good rinse with a great smelling shampoo , takes the odour away. This is a great tute by the way ^_^

    • very true…..:D In hostels , we celbrate birthdays thrwng eggs on the bday grl.. bt now the Warden is so strct and whnvr v scrtly ordr cakes fr bdays she vl mke sure u dnt buy eggs,!


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