DIY Indian Bindi Designs


DIY Festive Bindis with an eyeliner

One of the things that I love other than seeing Indian women with kajal in their eyes is seeing them with intricate bindis.  How beautiful a bindi looks when paired with an ethnic outfit.  It totally completes the look.

Now that the festive season is coming I am sure all of you ladies out there are looking to be better than the other. Each one of you is planning a secret outfit, look and hairstyle.  So why not improvise on your bindi?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to have something that no one else in the world will have other than you?  Your’e own handmade bindi.

I got a bit adventurous and decided to make some designs my self.  I thought why not.  Almost all of us have liquid eye liners,  many of us have coloured eye liners and embellishments that you use for your nails.

My idea for all the looks are the simple question mark, S, the number 3, a few strokes like the , ” ‘ and some ….




Below you can see the same patterns again. S , a heart, a whole lot of commas ,,,,,,, and some dots


DIY Festive Bindis with an eyeliner+bindis with an eyeliner


Here again you see S, dots, a hindi numeral 6 and commas.

DIY Festive Bindis with an eyeliner+simple swirls bindis

DIY Festive Bindis with an eyeliner+DIY bindis



DIY Festive Bindis with an eyeliner+coloured eyeliner bindis



DIY Festive Bindis with an eyeliner+indian outfits accessories

Do you also make your own bindis?  Any ideas and suggestions for us?

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  1. Thanks a bunch for this post, I almost forgot that I used to make my own bindi patterns, before I started sticking a small round one. I’m bringing out my liquid liners now! 🙂

  2. Wow christina … U must be having a very steady hand to draw these designs soo neatly.. They r awesome .. Definitely trying it out during diwali

  3. Nice designs Chris.Even I am fond of making bindis with liquid liner specially when I wear any black suit n chudidaar , but I dont make so beautiful designs like u have shown us.


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