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Kiwi, is often underestimated or overlooked at the farmers market. If you have not tasted kiwi, for your information, it tastes a little sour. It seems a little acidic in nature. Which indicates that kiwi is a source of Vitamin C. Don’t we all know that vitamin C is the one thing that keeps our skin young and vibrant?

Skin gets the maximum benefit when ripe kiwi is used directly on the skin.


kiwi skin benefits


How do you use kiwi? The way you like it, toss it in your salad bowl, slice it and munch, or make a kiwi squash with yogurt, or eat as it is. Peeling can be a little messy, but try the scooping out method; that is far better then peeling a kiwi.

Here is a simple method of using kiwi for skin. Turn kiwi into a skin polisher along with some moisturizing agents.

Ingredients:Kiwi Face Mask

  • Kiwi, of course if the main ingredient
  • A tiny pill sized fresh butter and a spoon of yogurt. These 2 make the moisturizing agents.
  • Polishing is possible only with scrub particles, and for that let us use milled sugar.

Procedure:Kiwi Face Mask

  • Cut the kiwi fruit into half. Scoop out the fruit. (I read somewhere the peel is also edible. I am not sure though. I have never tried eating the peel. :-P.)
  • Smash the scooped out fruit.
  • Add fresh butter an yogurt.
  • Mix well.
  • Add sugar and mix well once again.


Homemade kiwi skin care

DIY kiwi skin scrub


The kiwi skin polisher is ready to be used. Use this before the sugar dissolves, else it will be no longer a skin polisher.

This also moisturizes the skin in extreme dry conditions. Adding butter actually helps dry parched skin. If you do not have heavy dry skin, then you may skip butter.


Kiwi skin polisher

DIY Kiwi skin polisher


Also test for kiwi allergic reaction on your skin before fully using.

Have you tried Kiwi in your skin care regime?

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  1. I love kiwi, its delicious!!! even I use kiwi slices to scrub my face, it really makes skin smooth and glowy! Nice DIY Recipe!

  2. aaahhhhhhhhhhhh i loveee kiwi 😀 not that i eat it every single day 😀

    thanks for sharing dear .. shall give it a shot 101 %

    ana …

    this reminded me of fruit cake you shared a picture long back .. on annv. or b’day … you rem ??
    with all the yummy fruits rem ?

    slurp slurp


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