DIY Lipstick From Eye Shadow


DIY Lipstick From Eye Shadow

Wow! Can this be done really? This is what you are thinking right? I was amazed to find out that it was actually possible to make a lipstick out of an eye shadow. Especially because I break many a cubes of my palette here and then, because of which, my eye shadow palette runs empty stacks. Why not turn the broken eye shadows into interesting lip colors and use them? Face similar experiences? Want to know how? Read on.

Choose the Eye shadow

sleek bright eyeshadow palette

We have many a times broken colors of pinks or corals that lie broken in our palette but we cannot use them as they are powdered or the colors have crossed columns and intermingled to form a third color. All these finally make us keep looking at these colors helplessly.

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So now since we have got the solution, let’s pick one such color which we think would go well with most of our attires.

Now powder or muddle the eye shadow to form loose powder. Ensure there are no lumps.

Pour Vaseline or Chapstick

Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry - Packaging (1)

Vaseline or Chap Sticks your glues here. Just mix either of the two to your powdered or mashed eye shadow and mix the two. Now microwave it until the mixture becomes free flowing. After it is runny, stir the mixture to form a consistency of color.

Things to Note: Do not add entire eye shadow at a go.

Do maintain level of saturation as per your need. Add it later if you want more saturation.

At this point, you may also add some other shimmer using any other eye shadow if you want to add some shimmer to the lipstick.

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Also, since this glitter and stuff would touch your lips and would be entering your mouth also, it is advised not to use expired eye shadows or Vaseline for the experimentation. This may be hazardous.

Pour the mixture over a container and let it cool

Choose a container to place the liquid. I prefer using some old Chap Stick container or a lip balm container, usually round in shape. Let it cool down and then you may use it.

There are some clear advantages of using this DIY technique.

  • Firstly, the eye shadow does not get wasted if it is not used by you or it is unusable. Even if you buy a cheap eye shadow palette, you get two products in price of one! – Eye shadow as well as lipstick. I am sure your entire purchased palette won’t be useless.
  • Secondly,the lipstick could be of a new rare shade which you never ever risked before to purchase. Like you could go for some color like green or blue which otherwise is a difficult thing to persuade your mind to purchase.
  • Thirdly since the lipstick is made of Vaseline or chapstick mixed to eye shadow, you are ensured of its quality and buttery texture that would spread on your lips easily.

I am sure this hack would definitely help you feel accomplished once you see that you are doing something creative and productive. You may now flaunt your own discovery in style to others and help them discover their colors.

Do share your creations with us; we would like to see how you created a lipstick all by yourself!!

Have you tried this interesting DIY before?

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