DIY – Make Your Own Brush Guard


DIY – Make Your Own Brush Guard


Hi beauties!!!! I recently placed a huuuge order with and I have ordered many brushes. I will do a haul post as soon as I receive the package. I am so excited and can’t wait for it to arrive!

Since I ordered so many brushes, I also had in mind of ordering the brush guard sold on the same website but somehow I left it out! Now I had been repenting all this while and suddenly it came to my mind to try and find an alternative.

A Brush Guard is a flexible, breathable cover for the brush that helps retain its shape after it has been washed. It prevents the de-shaping of your brushes while they dry and ensures that there are no frays due to the drying process. These are available online and I personally have never seen anything of this kind being sold in the retail market here. Also, the ones available online are generally of one size only and they are said to fit all.


easy method of making brush guard


I am sharing one amazing method of making your own brush guard using a loofah.Trust me you are gonna love it.

All you need:

  • A loofah
  • A pair of scissors
  • Thread/rubber bands

That’s it!!!!!!


brush guard from loofah



  • Take a loofah! Just cut the string that holds it together. Unfold it.
  • Cut a rectangular portion about 1.5-2 inches wide.
  • Cut the section into half.
  • Use this half section to wrap on your washed brush. Place it under your brush. Note that I have placed it just where the bristles start. Wrap it firmly, and then slide it up to secure and cover the bristles. I have used a longer section; you might consider using a smaller section that allows more air in to dry the brush more quickly.


makeup brush guard


  • Use a thread/rubber band to secure the brush guard.
  • Let your brush dry. Remove it once the brush has dried.


cheap makeup brushes guard


I have tried it and trust me it works like a wonder, you don’t need to spend even a rupee and it is reusable, you can store the cut outs and use them whenever you wish to. Plus, a loofah gives you numerous brush guards. This method requires no stitching, no pasting and this is going to fit any brush-from the thinnest to the fattest!


make your own brush guard


I am sure that you are going to love this inexpensive and effortless method. Do share your opinions!!

Have you tried making your own brush guard?

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