DIY Makeup And How To Store It


DIY Makeup And How To Store It

There are many beauty products available in the market which you can easily make on your own at home and save a bundle. So today we will be discussing about 5 beauty products you should stop buying from the markets and start making them at home. The following DIY recipes are super simple, inexpensive and works great. So, here you go…

How To Make Natural Homemade Kajal/Kohl

Ingredients required

  • castor oil
  • a diya to burn the oil
  • a match box
  • a plate (preferably brass, or any thick plat of your choice for the carbon to collect)
  • two steel flat bottomed bowls
  • a spoon
  • a small box
  • few drops of ghee.

Invert the two flat bottomed bowls. Place the plate on top of the bowls creating a bridge. Now, add some castor oil to the diya and burn the lamp. Place this diya in between the two bowls under the plate bridge. (Make sure there is sufficient place for the lamp to burn and it fire of the diya should touch the plate.) After about 20 minutes or so, carefully lift out the plate. (Be careful, the plate is super hot. Use tongs or a cloth to touch the plate.) The soot is collected on the bottom of the plate. Now scrap this suit with a blunt knife or the end of the spoon and collect in a clean dry container. Add 2-3 drops of ghee to the soot and mix will to make a black paste. Fill it in to a very small box. (I use steel box.)

How To Make Eye Shadow Primer

 primer reviews

Ingredients required

  • A sample jar (I used my body shop lip balm jar)
  • Liquid foundation or concealer(If you are fond of using lot of shimmer then you can add shimmer to get a shimmery base. Using foundation evens out the skin tone.
  • White Body Butter I am using Fab India Avocado Body Butter. Because of the thick consistency of Body Butter it provides a nice base which I like applying as an eye shadow base.
  • Tooth pick or back of the makeup brush to mix both ingredients

To start with it add little less than 1/4th of liquid foundation in the jar. I don’t use any particular measurement but the idea ratio is 1:4. Now add body butter on the remaining jar to get the right colour. Mix both the ingredient finely so that they give a even tone. Try to bring it down to the same colour of your skin. You can add or reduce the foundation accordingly. I like using thick eyeshadow primer if you like the thin consistency than add more of the body butter and we are done Smile

How To Make Your Own Lip Primer

flawless lips

Ingredients required

  • Beeswax beads- 15 g
  • Powdered mica mineral (carnation colored)- 15 g
  • Powdered mica mineral (beige)- 7 g
  • Rose hip oil- 3.5 ml

Take the wax beads and rose hip oil in a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds on high. Then add both the mica minerals and mix thoroughly to get a smooth and creamy mixture. Microwave again for 15 seconds on high. Pour in an airtight jar and cover. Refrigerate for 24 hours. Now you can keep it at room temperature and used every time before applying lip color. This recipe will make a nude colored primer, you can get lip primer of different colors by using mica minerals of different colors. This lip primer is easy to use. If you have problematic lips then this primer will cover the chapped and flaky areas. It will keep lips soft and plump. Your lip colors will stay on for longer on your lips. Lip primer also prevents lipstick from feathering and bleeding.

How To Make Lip Gloss From Lipstick

DIY home made-lip-balm

Ingredients required

  • 1 lipstick of your choice
  • 1 container to store the gloss
  • A bit of vaseline / lip balm
  • A knife

First make sure your container is clean, dry and has a lid that shuts firmly.  Secondly, choose a lipstick that you think you will love to use as a gloss as well on a regular basis.  If you want a very pigmented and long lasting lip gloss, then choose an appropriate lipstick as well.  As for the quantity of Vaseline, half a tsp approximately and as for lipstick about 2 cms cut off from the bullet. I want to tell you guys that you can use your favourite lip balm for this too. You don’t have to stick to vaseline. Both solve the same purpose. Mix both the Vaseline and the lipstick in the container. Well, that is it. Lip Gloss. Short, sweet and simple.

How To Make Orange Color Corrector

orange corrector review
You need-

  • a liquid concealer
  • an orange or a red lipstick.

If you don’t use liquid concealor then just use the outer rim foundation which gets collected on your foundation bottle. Also, if you are blue toned then you should use pink corrector and people with olive skin tone should go for orange corrector. Now start mixing the foundation with your orange lipstick. You have to mix the colour gradually into the concealor and corrector doesn’t have to be overly orange. It should be somewhat similar to carrot colour. And here is your orange corrector ready. It really gives out beautiful glow and hides dark circles, blemishes.

Have you tried making makeup products at home? Let us know!

Have you ever tried any of these DIY makeup products before?

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