DIY: Making your own Nail Polish Rack


Hi All,

Today I’ll be showing you all a simply DIY to store your nail polishes. I hope you enjoy it.


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DIY NAIL POLISH RACK+ making a nail polish rack

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DIY NAIL POLISH RACK+ how ro make a nail polish rack

DIY NAIL POLISH RACK+ nail polish storage ideas

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DIY NAIL POLISH RACK+ nail polish storage

DIY NAIL POLISH RACK+ make your own nail polish rack


DIY NAIL POLISH RACK+ nail polish storage rack

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DIY NAIL POLISH RACK+ naIL Polish collection


One more suggestion: If you can’t arrange any shoe box which fits the main shoe box, you can also use thick thermocol. What you can do in this case is that you can cut it in 3 dimensions accordingly first. Then, according to the size of the first dimension, you can cut 3-4 same pieces of it and club them together with a tape. Do this for all 3 dimensions. At the end, paste all those with a thick tape as shown in the picture. By clubbing them, they can easily withstand the weight of the nail colors.

I hope I’ve explained well and do let me know incase you have any queries 🙂

God Bless You!:)

Do you have any such DIY ideas you’d like to share?

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  1. timely help, I have to store my np’s so that they are visible and well maintained.. ty heens .. waise yeh sab creativity, how do you manage these with a MBA course looming on ur head ???

  2. tats so cute….. and looks totally fab & space saving… one doesnt have to hunt for colors & arrange them acc. to shades in this.. wow!!!!

    very innovative of u Heena… loved it.. btw nice collection of nail paints too….


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