DIY – Matte Nail Paint At Home


DIY – Matte Nail Paint At Home



How are you all doing? I had been busy with the hospital round ups. I have been diagnosed with thyroid 🙁 And had to undergo for a number of tests these days. I know, thyroid is very common these days but I am disheartened to be diagnosed with something that might not be controlled, this is what the doctors have to say 🙁

So, now I have pledged to make some drastic changes in my lifestyle and become a fitter version of who I am today.

Chit chatting apart, I have an amazing DIY today to share with you.

I am a matte lover and crave for all things matte. I am search for a good matte nail paint went all in vain. So, I decided to make a matte nail paint at home. Oh yeah! We can make a matte nail paint at home with some simple tools. I have known two easy methods and I am going to share with you the secret. So, next time when they ask you about that superb matte nail paint just smile at them 😉 ok, tell them the secret too.

Method 1

Ingredients needed:
• Your favourite nail paint
• baking soda or cornflour; You see that! Just two things needed.

Spill a little amount of your nail paint on the surface. You can use an old plate or card just to keep things clean. Sprinkle some baking soda or some cornflour, whichever is easily available to you. Now, with the help of your nail paint brush mix them nicely and apply. Voila! What we see there, you got matte on your nails?! 😀


blackhead removal face pack

Method 2

• Clear nail paint or top coat
• baking soda or cornflour

In case you want a matte top coat. You can try this out.
Spill some of your clear nail paint on a surface and mix cornflour. Apply and enjoy a whole new look on your nails.

Method 3

Ingredients :
• Broken or old eyeshadow
• Clear nail paint

This is super easy and useful for your obsolete eyeshadow.
Spill some clear nail paint on a surface and sprinkle your eyeshadow to make a new nail paint with a matte finish. If you wish, you can mix the eyeshadow in the clear nail polish bottle.


DIY matte nail polish+nails enamel
These are the three best and easy ways, i think, to get a matte nail paint at home without any efforts.

What do you think about this DIY? Will you try this?

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  1. wow this is superb!…I must try this soon….God Shivangi you are increasing my to do list and I don’t have much time 🙁 But I wonder how come I missed this post!


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