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I have suffered from greasiness of scalp since puberty. After two-three hrs of hair wash, my scalp would start getting greasy; so much that I had to wash my hair every day. Constant washing made the situation worse. It started making my hair strands drier and rather that it solving the problem of greasy scalp, my scalp was getting oiler day by day.

Oily/waxy matter called sebum is secreted from the sebaceous glands on the scalp. Sebum is important for keeping the scalp moist and maintaining good health of hair. Problem starts when the sebaceous glands release excessive sebum which then blocks the hair follicles. This results in hair fall, scalp acne & scalp odor.

Have you heard about – smelly hair syndrome? It is when you suffer from acute scalp greasiness, so much that you develop fungal infection (greasy dandruff) and your scalp starts giving out a sour odor something like the smell of rotten eggs or sour milk. I was always aware that my scalp was greasy but I never knew that it gave out some odor. It was last summer when my mom complained that my hair smelled weird. She said it smelled sour and that I should wash it off immediately. I sweat like a piggy in summers and thought the smell was due to excessive sweating. The smell did go away after the hair wash but it was back the next day. This continued for over a month so I seeked help from a tricologist. She said that I am suffering from Smelly Hair Syndrome and prescribed a medicated shampoo. That shampoo never worked and I was left with the sour smell that just wouldn’t go.

This is when I turned to Google Baba and read pages after pages trying to find some remedy that would help cut back greasiness and help eliminate the odor. I tried stuff with tea tree oil, neem extracts, shampoos like nizoral but all these just gave temporary relief. The following mask is the only thing that has worked for me. You just need 2-3 ingredients and is so simple to make.


  • Fresh mint leaves- one bunch

DIY Mint Scalp Mask_Mint Leaves+hair care tips

  • Ayurvedic camphor (that meant to be used for hair)

DIY Mint Scalp Mask_Camphor Pieces+hair treatments


  • One teaspoon lemon juice

DIY Mint Scalp Mask_Lemon+healthy scalp


  • Pluck the mint leaves from the stem and thoroughly clean them with water to remove dirt and any other impurities. I transfer the leaves in a huge bowl and fill it with excess water. I then swish the leaves and let them stay in the water for a min or two. The leaves tend to float and the dirt settles at the base of the bowl. Once the mint leaves are clean, transfer them in a strainer to strain out any excess water.
  • Takes few pieces of camphor. You could ask for ayurvedic camphor or simply camphor that is meant to be used in hair care.
  • Now transfer the above mention ingredients in a chutney grinder and grind away. If the mixture is too thick just add a few drops of water. Be careful not to add too much water as mint leaves have their own juices and excess water would just make the mixture liquidy and cause the juices to drip from your head.


DIY Mint Scalp Mask_Ingredients+scalp care


  • Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the mixture. Mint paste is susceptible to quick oxidation. Lemon juice shows down the oxidation process and prevents the mint paste from turning dark green to brown.


DIY Mint Scalp Mask_paste+scalp conditions

How I use it: Wear gloves on your hands. This mask stains the nails. Divide the hair into sections such that you coat the entire scalp with this mask. No need to put this mask on hair strands. Keep some tissues around to wipe out juices that might drip from your scalp. You will feel a slight tingly sensation because of the presence of camphor. Keep the mask on for 30-40 mins. I love to sip on mint tea while the mask is working on my scalp. Now wash off the mask with room temperature water and follow with shampoo and conditioner as usual.

Results: Mint cleanses the scalp and removes excessive sebum. It gives a fresh feeling to the scalp and stimulates hair follicles. Camphor is anti bacterial and helps to disinfect scalp. Together they help control the production of sebum and eliminate the sour odor completely. Initially, I used to use this mask twice a week which I then cut down to once a week and then once in two weeks. Since summers have begin, I am back to using this mask once a week as a preventive measure as I don’t fancy hair that smell like rotten eggs… Yuck!!

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    • sure zee!!
      even my hair strands feel dry these days and i have just the right hair mask in mind.. will come up with it soon.. waise how is zee jr doing??

  1. Hii pranali.. Does this mask helps to prevent greasiness of scalp or only helpful to remove the smell? I also have a greasy scalp which gets oily the very next day. I have tried so many brands of shampoos and home remedies but all in vain. If this mask helped me to go longer with shampooing then it would be a great help.


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