DIY Multani Mitti & Curd Hair Pack For Rough Frizzy Hair


DIY Multani Mitti & Curd Hair Pack For Rough Frizzy Hair

A few days ago I shared an Aloe vera conditioning recipe for dry hair! Well, if you happen to have an aloe vera plant at your place then you don’t need to do much and you can simply apply fresh aloe vera gel from the leaf and apply in on the scalp and hair length and let it stay for 30-40 minutes prior to bathing! In the shower just rinse the hair and use a herbal shampoo! This is easy and can be done twice a week!

DIY Multani mitti & curd easy pack

The conditioning recipe I used was mainly to give the nourishment of the magical plant aloe vera which is so beneficial for the skin and hair!

Well, today I am here with a new DIY Recipe which I have tried a few times previously but that was long ago! This time I managed to click the pictures and so sharing with all of you so that you too can try it at home and see how it changes the hair texture from rough frizzy locks to smooth and shiny hair!

DIY Multani mitti & curd ingredients

This DIY recipe uses basic three ingredients and you can easily make it at home without much thought or preparation! Since this hair pack doesn’t uses henna powder or staining ingredient, you can easily use your hands to apply the hair pack evenly to the length and width of your hair!

Multani Mitti

Multani mitti is a naturally occurring clay which has been used since generations for hair and skincare! It is mainly useful for oily skin since it absorbs excess oil and gives a shine free skin!

DIY Multani mitti & curd process

Similarly multani mitti is extensively used for hair care as it absorbs excess oil from the scalp and gives a nice bounce to limp hair! It is also used as a straightening hair pack to give a temporary straight texture to the hair! Well, that’s what I was looking for here!

I have a normal scalp and my hair is voluminous, wavy and a little frizzy due to that so I basically started using this hair pack few months ago but due to extreme summers and lazy self, I discontinued it!

Well, this time I did try it after so many days and totally loved it!

Lets have a look at the ingredients needed for this DIY Recipe!


  • 50g Fuller’s Earth Powder
  • 4-5 tbsp Fresh Curd ( You can also use sour curd)
  • 8-10 tbsp Lemon Juice ( I squeezed 5 big lemons)
  • A big bowl + spoon
  • A shower cap

Method of preparation

  • Take Multani mitti in a big deep bowl because it is a hair pack and it won’t get thoroughly mixed in a small bowl!
  • Add few tbsp of curd to multani mitti and start mixing it! Add curd eventually as you mix both!

DIY Multani mitti & curd steps

  • Now add the lemon juice in it! Lemon juice is great for hair, it keeps a check on dandruff issues, gives a natural shine to dull hair!

DIY Multani mitti & curd

  • Now add all the three ingredients together and mix well! Make sure the mixture is thick and it shouldn’t drip!

DIY Multani mitti & curd hair pack final

  • Now first comb your hair well with the help of a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb. Part your hair from the side or middle and with the help of your hands apply the hair pack on each lock of hair separately!
  • Similarly cover the hair locks with hair pack and if something remains, apply at the top of the scalp!
  • Now take a shower cap and secure your head with it to avoid sticking it in your clothes or anywhere else!

DIY Multani mitti & curd shower cap

  • After about 60-80 minutes, wash the head with normal water and follow up with a mild herbal shampoo to clean the residue of curd! This will also take away the curd smell from the hair. Don’t apply conditioner!
  • Towel dry hair and leave it open for a while to dry naturally!

Here I have not applied conditioner or any hair serum! 🙂 It is naturally dried combed hair! No heat treatment like blow drier used!

The wave in this picture is my hairstyle!

diy multani mitti & curd pack after effect on hair

You will notice that the hair is straight, manageable and less frizzy even after drying! Use this hair pack every week for better results!

Hope you like this recipe and you try it soon! 🙂

Have you tried this DIY Multani Mitti & Curd Recipe before?

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  1. Hello Ira,
    hope you are doing good.
    I am Kirti with normal to dry wavy hair which do tend to get dry and frizzy on the second day after washing my hair.
    I have four questions to ask.

    1) should this mask be applied on clean hair ?? i mean one day after shampooing?
    2) can i oil my hair on the previous night before using this mask on the next day?
    3) is it necessary to shampoo after washing this mask?
    4) Can you recommend a few good herbal shampoos? and which shampoo would suit me?

    Thanks and warm regards

    • Hello Kriti..oli have somewhat the same hair type but my hair stays good after 2 days of shampoo…

      Here are answers to ur queries

      1- You can apply it on 2-3 days after shampoo. Usually after shampoo immediately applying a hair pack may turn the hair much dry due to over cleansing…here i used the pack on my 2 day after shampoo hair.
      2- yes u can oil ur hair before using this mask.
      3- rinsing after this mask is important because there is residue of curd or multani mitti sometimes plus the smell curd gives..
      4- i have used Fab India aloe vera protein shampoo and quite liked it..u can try fab india range…i also loved the nature’s co hibiscus hair cleanser a lot…

      Do ask if you any further questions


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