DIY – Multi Grain Body Scrub


DIY – Multi Grain Body Scrub


Today when I was serving breakfast to my dear hubby, he asked me whether we are using Multigrain Atta or not? I asked him why he is asking- he gave me a look and asked me- don’t you know it is a healthier option and we should switch to it without any delay. This brief conversation compelled me to think what this fuss about Multigrain options is- be it flour, bread or pizza? I switch on my lappy and started searching for the term Multigrain. As per Google multigrain is one of those words used freely in the healthy eating industry. There is no singular list of grains a product with this label must contain, nor does it mandate anything about how these grains are prepared. Products with this term may contain any mixture of wheat, corn, barely, rice, oats, buckwheat, flax, millet or something similar. A product needs only two or more types of different grains to deserve this title.


grain scrub for skin


I thought of making a multi-grain face pack and then I thought why not prepare a multigrain body scrub– after all why should face have all the fun? Our body also needs special attention and pampering when it comes to stay beautiful from head to toe. So here Iam with today’s post of an exfoliate body scrub using various ingredients easily available around us.

Why to use a body scrub?

One of the biggest benefits of using a body scrub is that they easily remove dead skin cells that make the skin look dull and lackluster. When dead skin cells are slough off through the gentle exfoliating action of a body scrub, moisturizer and serums can be absorbed better. As we age skin cells renew themselves at a slower rate and the dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of the skin – causing it to look dry and flaky. Using a body scrub quickly removes the superficial dead skin cells to reveal the fresh and younger one underneath. Skin instantly looks more youthful and glowy. Scrub not only enhances the look of the skin but also improves its texture and help keeping it soft and deeply clean.

How to prepare this Body scrub at home?

This is a Multigrain scrub so you need grains available in your kitchen.


  • Bengal gram
  • Rice
  • Maize
  • Oats
  • Glycerin
  • Curd


multi grain diy skin care



  • Wash Rice and Bengal gram with water let it dry and make the powder of these grains in a grinder and store it in an air tight jar. Take two tablespoon of this powder in a bowl.
  • Now take Oats and crush it in small pieces and put it in the bowl. Don’t crush Oats into fine powder instead keep it a bit coarse so that it exfoliates the skin well.
  • Take a corn and take out its kernels from the cob. Wash the kernels and grind it in a grinder. Don’t make a paste instead keep its texture a bit coarse.
  • Mix it with above mixture and to it add glycerin and curd for a creamy consistency.


multi grain body scrub


  • Apply it on the body, let it stay for 10 minutes and scrub it off. The key to getting the best results with a body scrub is not to be too harsh. Exfoliate gently in a circular motion while slowly moving down the body from shoulders to feet. However this is a gentle scrub still don’t apply too much pressure since the scrub particles provide the abrasive action. Applying too much pressure when using a body scrub can cause skin irritation and scratches. After rinsing this scrub off apply a gentle moisturiser to seal in the benefit of this super effective body scrub.


homemade multigrain scrub


Benefits of this body scrub:

This is an effective and easy to made scrub which gently exfoliates the dead skin layer and keep it soft, healthy and supple.

  • Rice floor is well known for its tan removing qualities. Rice flour soothes sunburns and also promotes skin’s repair.


rice skin care


  • Bengal Gram flour is used since ages to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It has anti-agieng properties; it cleanses and tightens the skin.


gram skin care


  • Oats contain natural cleansers called saponin which removes dirt and oil from the clogged pores without causing irritation, thus leaving behind soft and silky skin as well as reducing pore size and declogging them.


oats skin care


  • Corn is a rich source of beta-carotene which forms vitamin A that is vital for the maintenance of healthy skin. Vitamin C and lycopene are antioxidants that prevent the free radicals from damaging the skin and increase the production of collagen that assists in the maintenance of elasticity of skin.


corn skin care


  • Glycerin absorbs water from air, making it what is called hygroscopic. As skin ages, it cannot retain moisture as well and this causes rough, dull skin that is prone to irritation and redness, but using glycerin regularly can prevent these problems associated with dryness. Because of its dual ability to hydrate the skin and fill in gaps in dryer skin, glycerin is able to protect skin by keeping the outer layer of the skin intact. This layer is essential as it is the natural barrier protecting you from pollutants and disease-causing organisms.


glycerine skin care


  • Curd is a power house of beauty benefits and contains riboflavin which is a beneficial vitamin in yoghurt for skin that is glowing and hydrated. Riboflavin is necessary for cell growth and regeneration and also protects skin cells from oxidative damage by free radicals. Vitamin B5 is responsible for facilitating manufacture of healthy fats in cells.


curd skin care


That’s it girls whip this body scrub and give your skin a much needed treat. Till next time stay healthy and stay beautiful.

Have you tried using grains as body scrub?

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  1. We have mutli-grain atta at home since last 6-7 yrs … Has made a ton of a difference in daily metabolism! …More fiber which helps cleanse the system … We ask the local flour guy to make atta for us with wheat, chana, methi dana, flax seeds, jow!!


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