DIY – Nail Polish Remover Bottle



DIY: Nail Polish Remover Bottle

Hello beauties! How have you been? It’s been so long since I have written anything here and I so miss being active on WiseShe! I totally love the new look and though I have not been active here, I do check this place every now and then! Today I am going to share a quick, easy and extremely useful DIY with you guys and I am sure you are gonna love me for it!

I love applying nail polishes but their removal turns me down. I hate spending time in removing the nail polish. Gosh I know I sound lazy. So when I saw the Colorbar Ultimate Nail enamel remover I knew I was buying it! I totally loved it! It was right then that I had thought of trying to make one for myself but I conveniently forgot about it.


diy nail polish remover bottle


The next time I went to re-purchase the bottle, I decided not to buy it and try doing it myself!

Here’s what I simply did to make my own remover in a bottle!

You’ll need:

  • A sponge
  • A glass/plastic bottle that has a wide mouth, a wider body and is short and stout!
  • Nail Polish Remover


nail polish remover bottle


That’s it!

All you need to do is this:

Cut the sponge from the middle. You can keep the rest of it for the next time! Roll it and insert this in the bottle. Rolling this sponge gives you a hollow in the middle where you can insert your finger and let the sponge and the nail polish remover do all the work while you just wiggle your finger!

Pour in the nail polish remover and that’s it! Your very own nail polish remover bottle with a sponge!

You need to make sure that the bottle is leak proof. You can use any bottle for it. I think the jars in which we get those Italian seasonings will also be good for using!


self made nail polish remover


This costs so less and is such a simple and effective DIY that anyone can do it! Do try it out and you’re going to love me!

Did you like the idea of making your own Nail Polish Remover Bottle?

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  1. Hey so good to c u back :* And what an awesome DIY.. Even I hate removing the nail polish.. Honestly, m lazy.. 😉
    M defi trying dis.. Thanks for sharing Princa 🙂

    • Thanks Neetu! And I too hate removing nail polish!!! Same pinch! Btw this makes it way too easier And quicker to get those polishes off the nails!

  2. first of all…. Congratz Princa… wiseshe babyblog is soon gonna se u i guess…

    and this DIY is awesome ,,, let us share it with colorbar and tell them to stop fooling us with suhc heavily prices very basic products 😛

  3. Easy peesy. These bottles sell in shops for 100 bucks !! lol and you made it a super affordable one. Just replace the sponge when it gets colurful.


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