DIY – Papaya & Sweet Lime Skin Polisher For Summer


Papaya & Sweet Lime Skin Polisher For Summer


Fruits always give a fresh feel. Especially all those from the family of citric fruits lemon/sweet-lime/orange/tangerine are the most in demand when summer begins to set in. The mixed fragrance and taste of sweet and sour gives a cooling solace to the burning skin.

SummerÒ€ℒs sweaty skin needs a polishing so that the sweaty grime and dirt gets off the skin.

For the refreshing summer scrub, I choose upon my favourite fruits papaya & sweet lime, coconut oil, and coarsely milled sugar for scrub granules.

Papaya brightens the skin. The heat and sweat constantly makes the skin dull. So, papaya is the perfect skin brightener during the season of scorching summer.


papaya for skin


Sweet lime is cooling for the stomach even without the ice cubes. So, the natural juice of sweet lime is an excellent skin refresher.


sweet lemon for skin


Few tiny drops of coconut oil will help in making the dirt melt down from the skin and slip off.


coconut oil for skin


And sugar is the widely used natural scrub granules. Easily available in every kitchen and is always in stock.

So, to sum up,

Listing down the ingredients:

  • 2-3 cubes of fully ripe papaya
  • 2 tea spoons of sweet lemon juice.
  • Half spoon of sugar.
  • 3-4 drops of pure coconut oil.

The quantity mentioned in the ingredients list is suitable for face. You will need more quantity if you want to scrub your sweaty skin of your whole body.

Procedure of preparing Papaya & Sweet Lime Skin Polisher:

  • Smash the papaya cubes very well. Mash even the tiny lump of the fruit.
  • Squeeze the juice form the sweet lemon and add it along with the mashed papaya.
  • Do the mashing and squeezing right at the time you are about to use these fruits. I believe in using fresh.
  • Add few drops of coconut oil. The fragrance of the pure coconut oil is beyond imagination. (If only you like it. Else, you can use any other oil for skin of your choice.)
  • Add sugar and mix well.


DIY fruit scrub for skin


This makes the fruity refreshing skin polisher for the tired skin of summer.

Use with a light hand of scrubbing on the wet skin. When you feel the massaging and scrubbing strokes are satisfactory on your skin, wash off.

Have you tried using fruits on your skin this summer?

I am still in the cold weather. And there is hardly any summer for me to experience.

Which is your favorite fruit for this season?

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  1. Perfect for getting skin summer ready πŸ™‚ i luvd d DIY Chandni n surely gonna try it..
    N yes I can understand d irritation of bein in d cold weather forever πŸ™ thankfully its gettin bttr here in US.. πŸ™‚

  2. awesome..i love papaya by taste also..! all the ingredients make this DIY soo edible ya..okay I will try not to eat..hehe..! loved the idea Chandni..!
    When we will shout out to our Mother Nature for decreathe scorching heat in coming will find yourself at a better place Chandni..! :-p

    • you seem to be thinking positive about the cold weather.
      wait until you come here… !!! :D.
      everything drops down to numbness.. :P. You will start cursing . πŸ˜€

      • I so agree wid Chandni.. Its not about cold ya, its about continuous 6-7 months of harsh winters.. Its like u get so gloomy like d weather :-/

      • Oh is it..! then to its too bad ya..! still I find myself biased towards winters rather than the summers..I wish the climate improves at your end dear..! :-))

  3. perfect timing….i have some chunks of papaya left in my fridge and the sweet lime too….would definitely use this…thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


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