DIY – Pineapple Acne Face Mask


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How have you been today?

Today I thought of sharing a well tested face mask for acne prone skin which I have been religiously using since two months.

It’s a Pineapple face mask. This season I thought of indulging in a purely pineapple treat be it as a fruit or as a face mask…:-)


Home made pineapple face mask-pineapple+skin care tips


Pineapple is very rich source of carbohydrates, enzymes, vitamin A & C. It consists of AHA ( alpha hydroxy acid) which many of you would be aware of is an important ingredient of anti-ageing & anti-wrinkle products available these days.

How to prepare Pineapple Face Mask:

  • Take a piece of well ripe pineapple and blend it properly to become a nice and smooth pulp.
  • Take sufficient amount of pineapple pulp (so as to cover the face properly) in a glass bowl.


Home made pineapple face mask-pulp+natural skin care

  • Add one teaspoon of gram flour


Home made pineapple face mask-gram flour+skin care treatment



Home made pineapple face mask-rosewater+best skin care products


Now mix all of these together to make a smooth paste. The pineapple Face Mask is ready to treat your face with all its goodness…:-)

How to use:

Wash your face with normal or lukewarm water and apply this face pack evenly all over your face, preventing your eyes.

Keep it for about 20 minutes and rinse off gently. Pat dry and moisturize your face properly.


Home made pineapple face mask for acne+skin care line

My experience with Pineapple Acne Face Mask:

I am currently in love with pineapple. I have included it as a fruit treat in my breakfast. Talking about the face mask initially I was not aware that it would be equally wonderful as a fruit and a face mask…:-)

I have been using this face mask since two months (approx.) and all thanks to this face mask that I am free from any acne/pimples at present…:-)

It certainly showed visible improvements on my face which earlier used to have pimples every now and then. Now I find my skin to be clear and glowing and all credit goes to this mask as I am not using any other face pack or mask so much as this one.

Seriously, I don’t have anything to dislike about it.

Besides it really is effective in preventing acne it also removes dead cells, dust particles, open the clogged skin pores which in addition gives a natural glow to your face.

So are you ready to treat your face with this fruit luxury…:-)

Have you tried the DIY Pineapple Acne Face Mask?

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