DIY: Potato and Honey Mask For Dark Circles


Mask For Dark Circles

 Like lemon juice, potato also has mild bleaching properties. Regular application of potato juice or potato pulp as a pack leads to fairer complexion. It also imparts a polished glow to the skin.

I suffer a lot from dark circles because of my late night works. I am not even regular with  under-eye creams, so I use this mask to remove my dark-circles. It’s really a simple and easy way to remove dark-circle. Just with two-three times application in a week, it has lightened my dark circles.


Mask for Dark Circles potato+best cream for dark circles



  1.  2 tablespoon finally chopped potatoes,
  2.  ½ tablespoon honey,
  3. Cool chilled water.


Home made Mask For Dark Circles+ingredients+dark circles



  •  Cool the chopped potatoes in a ice-chilled water for 5 minutes.


Mask For Dark Circles potato in chilled water+dark eye circles


  • Mix the honey and make a thick paste.


Mask For Dark Circles add honey+best dark circle cream


  •  Mask this mixture on your eyes in laying position.
  •  Wait for 20minutes and then remove this mask with cold water.


Mask For Dark Circles using potato and honey+dark circles under eyes


  •  Repeat this mask twice a week for better effect.

Did you like the home made mask for dark circles?

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