DIY – Raw Milk & Grated Coconut Moisturing Scrub


DIY – Raw Milk & Grated Coconut Moisturing Scrub

With change in weather, skin care also gets changed.

But the main intention behind every skin care routine is to maintain suppleness, keep skin hydrated, look glowing and feel healthy.

The ingredients change accordingly. But the method of preparation and using the prepared recipe also remains more or less the same.

Here is a simple recipe of making your own skin massage which also exfoliates mildly. This type of lightly exfoliating and massaging the skin is very much needed during the season of dry winters.

We will include

  • raw milk,
  • tomato juice or pulp,
  • few drops of honey and
  • grated coconut.


homemade tomato face mask


Method of preparation:

Cut open a tomato into half. And squeeze out the pulp found in the middle portion of the tomato. The pulp will have seeds too.

Take a spoon full of raw milk. Add this milk along with the juicy pulp of the tomato.

Now add half a spoon of honey and also one spoon of freshly grated coconut.


face scrub mask for winter


Mix well and set aside for 10 minutes.

Benefits of Tomato, Raw Milk, Honey & Coconut Grates for Skin:

Tomato seeds will help in applying some pressure on the skin which will enhance the blood circulation. Tomato is known for its acidic nature and hence a natural exfoliant. It helps in lifting up the dead skin

Raw milk is a rich moisturizer and excellent for skin. Though milk has high moisturizing power, it is not greasy on the skin.

Honey is another all season ingredients which removes all the dullness from the skin. Honey is always included in skin care products for the glow it brings to the skin

Coconut grates are very soft and hence very apt to be used on dry skin. They are not abrasive and thus can be used to scrub the skin. The dry skin can be easily scrubbed without losing further moisture from the skin.


homemade exfoliating face mask



Start with clean face.

Firstly do not pick any coconut grates.

Just dip 2 or 3 fingers into the runny mixture in the bowl. Apply on face. Repeat the finger dipping and applying until you have covered the entire face and neck.

Now, pick up the coconut grates from the mixture and gently rub along the cheeks, chin, forehead and corners of the nose. Don’t get close to your eyes.

This will mildly lift up any dry flakes on the skin that is caused due to the season changes.


milk and coconut skincare


Leave everything as it is on the face for 15 minutes and wash off.

Follow the skin with tiny drops of almond oil. For the rest of the day you will need no moisturizer and not much attention towards your skin.

Give it a try and do experience the soft smooth skin.

How are you managing your skin this winter?

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