DIY – Red Lentils Blackhead Removal Skin Polisher


DIY – Red Lentils Blackhead Removal Skin Polisher


The pulses and grains that we use in our kitchen are always an excellent ingredient for topical use on our skin.

Homemade skin care products are always preferred especially for sensitive skins. These might not be competitive if you compare to the fast result giving products readily available in the market. But the home made products are definitely worthy of trying and over a long period they give permanent and life time results for the skin.

Today, it is the home made solution for black heads and oil clogged pores on the skin.


red split lentils for skin care


Red split lentil is a common ingredient that would always be there in stock in every Indian kitchen. So a grab a fistful of red lentils for using on your skin.

Ingredients required:

  • Half cup red split lentils,
  • Pinch of turmeric powder,
  • Milk to soak the lentils,
  • One spoon yogurt.

Method of preparing red lentils blackhead removal skin polisher:

  • Wash the red lentils under clean running water.
  • Warm half cup of milk. Make sure you do not boil or over heat. Just warm it.
  • Add washed lentils to the bowl of milk and leave it to soak for at least one hour.


red lentils face scrub


  • You will observe that the lentils have softened. This is now easy to grind.
  • In a blender, add the soaked lentils and also the milk in which lentils were soaked.
  • Blend to form a paste. It need not be a smooth paste. Let it be coarse.
  • Transfer to the blended lentils to a bowl.


blackhead removal red lentil scrub


  • To this add turmeric and yogurt.
  • Mix well and leave the mixture for 15 minutes before using.


home made lentils scrub


This makes the red lentils blackhead removal skin polisher ready for use.


Begin with a clean face. Apply this skin polisher all over face and neck. Massage gently in circular motion. Concentrate on areas where you have blackheads, rough dead cells, and pores. Massage for at least 5 minutes. Make sure you are extremely gentle with the massaging. Leave until it dries and wash off with warm water.


DIY red lentil face scrub


You can also use this as a body polisher. Regular usage of this coarsely grinded lentils scrub is sure to give the desired effect on the skin.

Make sure your skin is not allergic to turmeric and lactic acid of yogurt.

Do try and experience the results.

Have you tried red split lentils for your skin?

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