DIY – Scarf Organiser



Lately I have been looking for a lot of organisers for my wardrobe, beauty products, makeup and home too. One important thing I was looking for was a scarf organiser. I have many of them. I love to wear them with my formal shirts. They turn to be great accessory, not just with the dash of color but also contract in texture and eventuates the shirt / top / dress well.

There are many styles I came across online for this. Here are a few.


Scarf Organiser+scarf hangers


I almost bought the butterfly one from Organice. They sell it for INR399. But due to some reasons they didn’t confirm my order.


Wardrobe Scarf Organiser+scarf organizers



Meanwhile I was desperate to get my scarves organised. I thought of making a Scarf Hanger myself. Here is what I did and the best part. It is FREE.

Things you need:

  1. One old hanger  ( neck twisted to open for the bangles to go in)
  2. Old unwanted bangles


DIY Scarf Organiser+scarf hanger


How to make the scarf organiser:


Do I need to explain any further? Just put in the bangles into the hanger. Hang your favourite scarves. You may either simply hang it on the bangles or you may knot it to the bangle for a secure grip.


DIY Hanger Scarf Organiser+hanging scarves


Here is what it will look like.


Make your own Scarf Organiser+closet organizers


Just hang it in your wardrobe. Try it! It’s damn simple.

How do you organize your scarves?

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  1. I have used these hangers for bangles, but never thought of using it for scarfs, its damn superb Avanti. Loved it

  2. Lovely DIY Bo :yes: Nice collection u’ve got there 🙂 I’ve stored mine in shopping bags but this idea consumes so little space and is so easy to view n pull out. Now i know how to put my pile of old bangles to good use :cute: Thankyoo :-))


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