DIY – Skin Care With Vanilla & Dry Fruits


 DIY – Skin Care With Vanilla & Dry Fruits


Cashew nuts, almonds, pecan nuts, hazel nuts, apricots, pista, dates, all these are excellent natural ingredients that give great amount of nutrients for our healthy being. They are helpful for our skin too. Did you know?

Our skin is always happy to receive all the luxury treatment that we can provide.

Today let us give a treat of dry fruits for our skin. It is super easy and great for our smelling senses too.

These flavouring add-ons are always there in every Indian kitchen since they are a must in most of the dessert recipes. Using these dessert flavouring items, let us quickly do a skin care recipes.

Quick and easy is always what I prefer to.

You will need

  • 2-3 fully peeled pista.
  • 2 while cashew nuts.
  • 2 almonds.
  • 1 spoon full of vanilla syrup.
  • little milk.


dry fruits skin care


Method of preparation:

  • Place all the nuts (pista, cashew, almonds) in a heat resistant bowl.
  • Heat milk in a vessel.
  • When the milk is super hot, pour into the bowl of nuts.


dry fruits skin massager


  • Close the bowl with a lid and allow for half an hour.
  • Now, these nuts have softened and can easily be scrapped on a rough surface to make a fine paste. Or you could even grate them using a grater.
  • I have grated these soft nuts.
  • Collect the grated nuts into a container.


skin care with almonds cashew pista


  • Add milk cream. See the bottom of the vessel in which you heated the milk. There will be enough milk that has thickened in the vessel. Scrap it using a spoon. You will be able to collect enough.


milk cream skin care


  • Add vanilla. Vanilla is the yummiest of all the food flavour available.
  • Mix well.


homemade vanilla face massage


Note that you have not added milk that has been used to soak the nuts. The milk cream and vanilla syrup that you add will give enough fluid to bind the grated nuts.

Now you are ready with the luxury of aroma and flavours of the dry fruits for your skin.


Massage well on the skin before bath. Face and neck will benefit the maximum with this homemade dry fruits treat. Leave for about 15 minutes until everything dries and stiffens. Wash off to reveal a clean happily breathing skin.


home made dry fruits face pack


Have you tried using any of the dry fruits for your skin?

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  1. I think I would probably gulp it down and treat my sweet tooth..Hehe..
    is yummy DIY Chandni.. wanna try it soon after reaching home..!


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