Do Celebs Really Have it All?



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 Going by the title of the post, I sure you have realized its a post on the darker side of fame.We see celebs/starlets etc just snuffing out their life because a boyfriend dumped them or due to depression.Competition today,is literally killing people. Celebs are always in the public light , wear fab clothes and have the best of the stuff, so why is it that we usually see a starlet hanging herself from the ceiling after a seemingly innocuous fight with her boyfriend or a failing career. The news of Jiah Khan’s suicide disturbed me immensely and it got me thinking.I realized that these celebs also have the same basic needs like you and me do-that is love,food,water,shelter. Most of the ladies who committed suicide were deprived of love in their personal life. Be it , Nafisa Joseph ,Vievka Babajee ,Kuljeet Randhawa or Jiah Khan; these girls succumbed to to the pressures of life and were disillusioned by the very industry that gave them their fame and a setback in their personal life caused them to end their lives, leaving behind stunned family members, friends and fans.


Nafisa Joseph:

A Miss India Winner in 1997 . A MTV VJ. Amongst the Top 10 contestants in Miss Universe in 1997. Head girl of her school. Beautiful to the core. So what made this Bangalore beauty take her own life? Bad luck in love. When her relationship with TV actor Sameer Soni did not work out , she was engaged to a business man named Gautam Khanduja. Her tragic tale was a classical tale of the “other woman “ where she was kept in the dark about her boyfriends divorce. Apparently, the boyfriend told her he was divorced when he was not. An ensuing conforntation took place and Nafisa ended her life when she was just 26 yrs old.She was found hanging from the cieling in her flat in 2004.

Too young to go Nafisa. Too young.

celeb suicides_nafisa joseph

Kuljeet Randhawa:

Kuljeet Randhawa was a model and actress. She was a part of the famed Hip Hip Hurray series. But the gorgeous lady,who was the daughter of a police officer couldnt withstand the pressures of life and her work and hung herself to death. I do wonder ,what could be so bad that she had to take her own life. Unfortunately, with her death, the truth about her death also died.

celeb suicides_Kuljeet Randhawa


Viveka Babajee:

A very famous Mauritian model of the 90‘s.Gorgeous and lived a charmed life on the outside. She found fame when she starred in the Kama Sutra ads in the 90‘s.Later on,she went on to become a top ramp model for esteemed designers of that time like Rohit Bal , Jj Valaya ,Suneeet Verma-to name a few. Also ,she was a pageant title holder in Mauritius in 1993. But the lady was depressed. A separation from her boyfriend Gautum Vohra led to her suicide and her suicide note said “You Killed Me Gautam Vohra”.

Tragic, she was 37 at the time of her death.

celeb suicides_viveka Babajee


Jiah Nafisa Khan:

An unconventional beauty with an unconventional debut in Bollywood. She starred in Nishabd in 2007 opposite the mega star Amitabh Bachchan which was an interpretation of Lolita.But, unfortunately, her career never took off. 3 films in 3 yrs and none for the past three years led to a feeling of failure. A recent ad audition in Hyderabad coupled with personal problems led her to take her own life leaving behind a distraught mother and two sisters. At 25 she had her entire life in front of her. RIP Jiah Khan.

celeb suicides_jiah khan



Bollywood and the media have many tragic stories like these. However, it is not limited to the glamor world only. Kids commit suicide because they get bad marks or women jump out of the window due to marital problems. Its important not to take a depressed persons statement lightly as you never know when they will do something drastic. Always read between the lines if a child tells you hes facing problems at school or a friend of a relative tells you Life is not worth living..You may just save someone’s life.


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  1. Nice post dear.. Nafisa Joseph & Kuljeet Randhawa were my role models.. i used to admire these beauties.. nafisa suicide left high impact on me.. realized this industry is not for sensitive people.. i still miss her 🙁

    • Sakhi I have grown up in one of the filmi areas of mumbai! The glanour u see is only on the outside! One of my frnds was the daughter of a producer and i have seen wht it truly is

  2. I wonder how much pain and hardships must have been going thru in thr lives, that they decided to put an end to it. Extremely SAD. 🙁

    • Bhwana , most mumbaiites are familiar with the workings if this industry as we r all exposed to it from many quarters. MY bro is an entertainment journo , i was flying .. I have seen this industry and its workings quite closely and i can safely say that the glitz and glamour is just the surface.. Beneath that there is a lot of jealousy and insecurity

  3. I think this happens because they have an egoistic mind. They don’t know how to come out of the difficult situation. They think it insults them. But common women like us go through these things but we are stronger to over come everything and move on.

  4. I was a big fan of kuljeet randhwa, she was in special squad and i used to watch tht regularly 4 her, shee looked soo good, attractive personality she had, i was soo shocked to know whwn she comitted suicide all of a sudden!

  5. Suicide is an outcome of an insecured, egoistic, selfish mind. Dont they realize that suicide can release them from their problems but what about the people left back like parents, does these people ever think what will the parents go through after such a crime.
    Evry problem has a solution, these beauties were without brains so had no courage to face anything.

  6. Swetha nice post, their suicides all are a mystery till today 😕 :pain: I suspect they are pushed to the end of life :beatup: is’n it??? here in tamil cinimas also have so many like this :pain:

  7. “”Do celebs really have it all??”” why you’ve given it this title…??? I don’t think being celebs have anything to do with it.. coz this happens in real life too.. i have seen people suiciding coz of xyz reasons… It’s just a matter of chance.. some people bear stress n some cant… 🙁

  8. Its a rhetroical question kajal. But celebs have an impressionable hold on people.. And there are many times ppl follow suit after something is shown on tv or a celeb has done something. The best example i can think of is when there were atleast 15 suicides in mumbai post the release of 3 idiots . Infact there was a call for the removal of the suicide scene in the movie


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