Does Shaving Face Reduce Wrinkles?


Does Shaving Face Reduce Wrinkles?

Well this has always been a manly thing! How can I shave? I am a woman. This is a nerd post. I do not know what is she trying to say here?

I am sure these are the questions you are having in your mind. Do not worry; I am here to help you with this. Well, it has been accepted by experts world over that the process of shaving actually helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines and this is why men are not worried about wrinkles.


Though there are starking differences between a male and a female skin, it actually is a fact that a shaving cream can help fight the fine lines and wrinkles by way too much with regular use.

It is a kind of exfoliation that works on the skin and helps to remove dead skin cells and makes you look wonderful and younger. Experts say to the extent that women should do it rather daily to have younger looking skin and that it is not a taboo that shaving is only made for men. It helps in anti-ageing and has good affect on skin renewal.

Shaving stimulates collagen production in body which makes the skin better by reducing the fine lines and wrinkles and also works on reducing the skin pore size. One, however needs to be careful about the razors to be used on the face. There would be a different razor required for the face than is used for the skin. For the face, you need to use a micro razor as the facial bones are not very sturdy and the skin beneath is softer than the rest of our body. So, one definitely needs to be careful with the usage of the right razor at the right place.

Shaving would definitely come in handy to the women who suffer from PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. However with women already shaving their skins, there are mixed reactions to the process. Some say that it develops as a habit and you actually start to use it daily for removing facial hair and so it’s okay but a few others say that they are not happy with the blunt hair that grow out of your skin specially on areas like upper lips which look awful if you do not have time to shave on a particular day. It makes them feel like male hairs which are not good to look at. They all accept the exfoliation benefits but say that the rest of the wrong effects do bother them.

I feel as long as regular shaving is considered, it should not be a problem to those who have the time to do so. But still the issue of doing it on a daily basis is a big question. Are we prepared for this? Do we see ourselves doing this? We have seen our men – dads, husbands do this on a daily basis but do we do this? Can we do this? These definitely are questions that come to my mind right now.

Not sure about your take on this. Do share your views as I am definitely not sure about it. I would say let’s wait for this thing to be more popular and I am sure there would be better ways to deal with it. If it suits us, we can try this for sure. What do you think?

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