Don’t Do These Skin Care Mistakes For All 20s Youngsters!


Hello, beauties!

The 20s is the time when we love to experiment with everything – lifestyle, food, clothing but there is one thing with which you shouldn’t mess up and that is your skin. I am myself in my early 20s and I know how tempting it is to resist those adds that pop up on our laptops but trust me, if you can stick to your favourite products and old skin care routine, it will be beneficial for you! This post is all about skin care mistakes which all commit at some point or other. I, myself have done these but I don’t want you to do these. Scroll down to know what are the mistakes!

6 Skin Care Mistakes for the 20s Youngsters:

  • Makeup removal


Makeup removal is an essential step for applying makeup. If we don’t remove makeup it will aid in clogged pores, potential bacteria formation, and uneven skin texture which is definitely not wanted. So however tired you always remove makeup before hitting the bed.

  • Not using SPF at daytime


SPF is really important to keep your skin age free for long. But we really don’t use the correct amount of SPF or as often as required which leads to premature fine lines. Even Jeffree Star in one of his interviews has spoken about the importance of SPF for this ever-young skin. Sunscreen is very important to avoid premature ageing, discoloration of the skin, and potentially serious skin damage.

  • Not moisturising your skin before makeup

Moisturising your skin before makeup is as much important as priming your face. If we don’t moisturise our face, makeup will deeply clog the pores and will result in long-term problems. Also, lack of a smooth canvas will hinder the even application of makeup.

  • Not removing makeup before exercising

Exercising is important but wearing makeup in the gym is not at all important. When we are exercising, our skin releases toxins and if we wear makeup, this will clog our pores which will cause infections. This will make skin prone to diseases and so it is not advisable to wear makeup in the gym.

  • Over-exfoliation

Exfoliation is an important part of your skin care routine and lack of exfoliation can make you look dull and drenched. But anything OTT is not good and so is exfoliation. Over exfoliating skin will rip the skin of its natural oils and will make skin look tired and aged. Once or twice a week exfoliation is good enough.

  • Unhygienic routine

makeup brushes

Hygiene is of utmost importance when it comes to a good skin care regime. Avoid sharing makeup brushes, beauty applicators, towels, lipsticks and powder puffs with anyone even your BFF because germs know no friendship. It will result in breakouts and poor skin and it is all fault!

That’s it! Hope you now know what to do!

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