Don’t Ever Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle


Don’t Ever Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

Not even yourself! Ok, this is an old line but how many of us follow it truly? Life in general takes a toll on each one of. Some people get deterred by the problems while others stand tall and confront each of them. It is not easy to stay optimistic all the time when there are so many naysayers. You can face troubles at work, at home or anywhere. Life is not always favorable but success lies in converting all the unfavorable situations into whatever is best for you. I have read somewhere-

You are special, you are important…

Never let anyone dull your spirits.

Let no one have the power to make you feel low.

Never allow anyone to lower your morale.

Don’t Ever Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle.

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This should be the motto of life and should be followed in everything you do. I like reading motivational quotes and watching such videos. These things make me more determined and feel a lot better. Such things give me more vigour to deal with life.

dont let anyone dull your sparkle

I am not saying that I am the toughest and most cheerful person. When I started my blog there was a lot of negativity directed towards me. I have struggled and thought of giving up many times but somehow could never make up my mind to let go of all the hard work I have done. Now I am proud of whatever I have achieved. If I had given up at that time, I would never have been able to come this far. When you have discouraging people around you, you also get the ones who support you. It is up to you, who you listen to. If you go by the naysayers, you will end up destroying your dreams. Just think that why you should listen to people who only want to bring you down and do not matter!

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Being positive always or at least most of the time is imperative. When positivity works together with hard work, the results are great. No matter how many hurdles you face, you will come out a winner one day.

Girls! be positive and be happy in life as it is too short grumble all the time.

My Look Here


dont ever let anyone dull your sparkle

Now that you have got your dose of good thoughts its time to talk about looking good. I have done a very easily wearable look here. Eyes are dark but not too much and I have given a summer-perfect hue to my lips. I am wearing Smashbox primer here. For lips I have used two products- NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream SMLC17 Ibiza topped up with Kiehl’s Lip Gloss Golden Berry.

kiehls lip gloss golden berry lip swatch

I am loving my hair in this look. The loose cascading waves look great always. I am sure that most of you would want to recreate these soft, messy curls and so I will soon be showing you how to get them.

Do share the things that keep you going in life. Till then keep shining and sparkling :kiss:

Update – You can read how to get this kind of hairstyle here

What keeps you positive?

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  1. Always follow your dream. I believe in in and still continue to do it! Life would be meaningless then. You are looking as always stunning. wish you more happiness and success in life! <3 Sparkle on!

  2. Thanks Anamika… Absolutely Agree with all that’s written above. We all need motivation at some point in our lives esp. when we feel low… It was indeed motivating for me 🙂

  3. Very motivating!

    Especially relate to the facts that there are so many people around you who question your choices, de-mean you just because they are lucky enough to not have faced personal problems at all.

    Well, I have evolved a lot in the past 2 years and now I don’t give a damn about negativity in or around me!

    Thumbs up for the great thoughts you have shared! :yes: :yes:

  4. I think blogging does that to you 🙂 Isn’t ?

    Everyday we learn and get stronger and value life and loved ones who care:)


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