Dos And Don’ts Of Anti-Aging Skin Care In 20’s


Dos And Don’ts Of Anti-Aging Skin Care In 20’s

Girls, I am sure you are all aware of your skin’s needs when it comes to moisturizing or keeping it nurtured.Skin care definitely is the need for every age. Even people in their teens should be doing bit of moisturizing for the skin to stay nourished. Once you are about to hit 25, you are already in the regime of ageing and you should therefore follow suit like other women do.

The regimen is simple to follow and should be kept in strict adherence to avoid any skin troubles and to keep ageing at bay. As you might not be aware of collagen is necessary for your skin and its formation begins to slow down with age. Specifically by 25 years, you need to be specifically focused on your skin to make it look younger for longer than you think it should be doing on its own.

I am bringing to you the list of things you should do, may be this eases it for you and makes you feel comfortable.

Sunscreen is the main thing!


DO not forget sunscreen as it is the most required anti-ageing prevention mechanism. You should be at least using SPF 30 to prevent sun rays from damaging your skin even in winters. Also you should obviously be better prepared during summers when the temperatures are soaring high. You have all the options galore in sunscreens in various earlier posts here on Wiseshe.

Moisturizing is necessary too!

Moisturizer review

Whether your skin is oily or dry or even normal, once you are in 20’s, you are actually required to nourish your skin from making it appear older than you are and also to preserve it for younger look till long. You should keep a habit of washing your face with a compatible face wash according to your skin and then moisturize it as well alongside for best skin nourishment. Always moisturize your skin completely before you sleep and after you have a shower.

Do not ignore your neck!

how to remove chin and neck hair

People often apply creams to their hands, legs and face. They ignore important parts like neck! Neck is equally important and is definitely visible. We must ensure our anti-ageing treatments reach our neck as well and it is not left behind. For your reference, you can please note the wrinkles on your grandmother’s neck which would be equally convincing as her face, then why to ignore your neck and do all care for your arms, legs and face.

Get enough sleep

benefiis of sleep

The concept of beauty sleep holds true now for you! It is because your skin cells are not renewing as fast as they used to be a few years down the line. You must sleep 8 hours at least during the night to provide proper rejuvenation to your skin. It is also good for your mental relaxation which also keeps anti-ageing woes due to stress at bay.

Drink water


Water is the most important source of energy for your skin. Like our body parts, our skin also demands water and is required in ample quantity for its good health. The more water you drink, more nourished your skin looks. Water keeps your metabolism fine and this in turn works well for your skin and body.

While you have already entered 20’s there is lot more for you to do when you reach 30’s. So it is better to start early and be better prepared for your later stages of life.

What are your Dos And Don’ts Of Anti-Aging Skin Care In 20’s?

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