Dos And Don’ts While Visiting A Makeup Counter


Dos And Don’ts While Visiting A Makeup Counter

Makeup shopping gives us ladies a great high. When I go inside a makeup store and see the beautiful colors all around me, I feel like buying everything. The Sales Assistants on the counters are a great help. Not all of them know a lot about makeup so you have to be smart enough. Big brands usually have well trained staff but SAs at most drugstore brands are not much aware.

Whether you shop in Sephora or on a L’Oreal counter, there is a basic etiquette that you need to follow. Here are some Dos And Don’ts While Visiting A Makeup Counter-

Dos While Visiting A Makeup Counter


Talk to the SA and lend ears to what they have to say. You might not always agree with them but cutting them short on every occasion is not the best thing. Who knows you may find a valuable tip or your new HG product.


Ask your questions without hesitation. If you do not know much about a particular product then there is no shame in asking about it. After all you are paying money so you have every right to know where it is going. I mentioned that you should listen and when the SA is done, put forth your query. This way you will get the best out of your money.


Don’t be afraid of experimenting! We all love to stick to our regular looks and colors but trying out the new moss green eye pencil might enhance your beauty. Browse the new products and try them on. You may even discover a new signature look.

Try It On

Try the makeup on your face for the best results. Foundation and concealers from new brands should always be tried to match the shade perfectly. Also try lip colors and eyeshadows. Make sure that the products are sanitized and the brushes as well. Many brands also provide disposable tools to try the makeup on.

If you are not satisfied with the hygiene then you can leave the counter. If you still badly want something, swatch it on your finger and take it close to your face. This will give you some idea about how the product will look on you.

Be Polite

Politeness doesn’t cost a single dime! Listen to your SA and ask relevant questions but never lose your cool. If you are unhappy with the experience, let them know it but never be rude.

Don’ts While Visiting A Makeup Counter

Sample Hunting

Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick Samples

Never go to a makeup counter just for the sake of getting a few free sample. The samples are meant to be tried so that you know whether you want to buy a product or not. Treat them that way! Generally you get free samples only when you buy something from a counter. Just going to a makeup counter and asking for free samples will get you nothing.

Finger Dipping


Do not dip your fingers in the products that you see on display. Imagine if every customer keeps doing that, how many germs there will be in an eye shadow! First, ask for the product to be sanitized and then try it on.

Do you follow these Dos And Don’ts While Visiting A Makeup Counter?

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  1. It would be my first time visiting a makeup counter because I never tried but now Im trying some makeup so being a beginner This post helped me a lot 🙂 thanks
    P.s I also have a blog but is mostly on skincare & I am a big fan of yours. You are my inspiration 🙂


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