Do’s & Don’ts For Winter Hair Care Regime


Do’s & Don’ts For Winter Hair Care Regime

Lately, have you too felt that you can see many more hair strands on the floor and in your hair brush than the normal? Well, if the answer is yes then you are definitely doing something wrong with your hair care routine and it is high time you need to have a re-check of how actually you are taking care of your hair is also good for hair or not!

Well, we all have different types of hair which needs ample care and nourishment to make them look healthy and good most of the times but if you are strictly following your hair care regime and still notice a lot of hair fall then probably there is something you are not doing properly!

Long fine and limp hair care

Here we have some set of do’s and don’ts for winter hair care and so lets have a look at each of them!

Hair Wash:

Cold Showers For Hair & Skin

Don’t- Don’t wash your hair daily as it may turn out to be too dry and the hair will turn frizzy and coarse in due time!

Do- First of all make sure you cleanse your scalp every alternate day and not on a daily basis! You should also make sure that you don’t skip hair wash in these alternate days as that may lead to accumulation of dirt and grime and in winters it mainly starts with dry flakes of dandruff which cause itching!

Towel Drying:

blow dry hair philips ac dryer+Philips AC dryer +salon dry AC lite

Don’t- Don’t rub your hair too strongly when the hair is wet.

Do- Make sure that you wrap your towel around the head while you apply body lotion and then you may just press the towel softly against the hair to absorb the dripping water from the wet hair strands.

Blow Drying:

Don’t- Never blow dry hair which is too wet!

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Do- Make use of you towel to absorb extra water from hair leaving it just damp! You can also let it dry naturally under a fan and then switch to blow drying to proceed for hair styling!

Hair Brushing:

Don’t- Don’t always brush your hair after wash. As it creates a lot of friction and may turn it frizzy.


Do- Make sure to  always de-tangle your hair with your fingers first along with using a hair serum to make the hair manageable and frizz-free.

Hair Tie-

Don’t- Do not tie up your hair too tightly as it may lead to breaking them more vigorously.

hair care in summer

Do- Always go for a lightly pulled back pony hair style and if possible leave them mostly open except for during emergency.

Hair while Sleeping:

Don’t- Never make a tight bun of your hair while sleeping.

Do- Always go for an open hairstyle while sleeping and let the hair breathe overnight.

Heat styling treatment:

Don’t– Never attempt straightening or curling wet or damp hair.It will do nothing just break more of your hair strands.

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Do-Let the hair dry completely and only then you should try to style it as per you wish.

I hope you find these myths prevailing useful for your hair care!

Did you know these do’s & Don’ts for hair care?

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