Double Shampooing : Good Or Bad?


Double Shampooing : Good or Bad?

The basic concept behind shampoo your hair it not to wash but to clean your scalp and remove the excess sebum and dirt that has been accumulated on your scalp since your last hair wash. Always dilute your shampoo no matter what is says or which brand is it.


This rule even applies for herbal shampoos. Pour a small dollop of shampoo in a bowl and put a handful of water in the bowl and mix it well. This reduces the harshness of the chemicals in your shampoo. When shampooing, there’s no need to let it sit on your hair.

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Good Or Bad?

Once you suds up, you’re good to rinse. If you don’t see suds when shampooing, this means that your scalp isn’t clean, shampoo again until you see suds. Massage your scalp in only four directions: back and forth and sideways (left and right). Any other way would end up tangling your hair. And, do not pile up the hair on your head.


Shampooing does not mean your let the hair get tangled. You are supposed to keep your hair untangled in whatever condition. Make sure you work the shampoo into your entire scalp. A lot of people wash the tops of their heads, but neglect the back.

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It is important to know that the shampoo will likely not produce a lot of lather during this first step. So re-shampoo is always a better option.


So Wash your hair properly and follow up with another round of shampoo. Always go for two rounds of shampoo first one is to remove all the dirt and second one is to ensure squeaky clean hair. Only remember to use even lesser shampoo in the second round as the hair is really wet and will lather quite well with a very little shampoo. Keep it on your head for 2-3 minutes and wash off. It’s very important that no shampoo remains in your hair. When shampoo is not properly rinsed from your hair, it’s like a dirt and oil magnet on your scalp. Not good.


Final Verdict:

Well double shampooing are often needed to get rid of the buildup of grease, and also products like hairspray, in the hair but if you wash your hair frequently then this is not necessary. During the first application, the first application of shampoo tends not to foam up as much; this is probably because the hair is greasier and not as saturated. The second application of shampoo will get a lot more foam though the foam is not an indicator of cleanliness. You should only shampoo your hair twice if your roots are oily. If all of your hair is dried out then you only need to shampoo once.

How do you wash your hair regularly?

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