Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bathing Bar Review


Hi, everyone!

Dove is a very well known and trustworthy skin care brand in India. I used to love Dove rich moisture bathing bar and I still do when I don’t find anything great than this especially in winters. Well, we at Wiseshe got Baby Dove care range and today I am talking about  Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bathing Bar which I used on my daughter and totally fell in love with it. Keep on reading to know more about it.

Price- INR 48 for 75 gm.

Product Info

Baby’s skin is 30% thinner than ours, so it’s no surprise that it’s more vulnerable to damage and dryness. Their skin barrier is weaker, too, which makes baby’s skin lose moisture up to five times faster than ours. More nourishing than any other baby soap bar,* Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bar gives your little one’s skin the gentle care it needs.

Enriched with our ¼ moisturising cream, our baby bar keeps your little one’s skin feeling extra soft and helps prevent the dryness that other ordinary baby soap bars can cause. Ophthalmologist, dermatologist and paediatrician tested.

  • Nourishing Skin
  • Delicate Skin
  • Gentle Cleansing.

What I Feel about Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bathing Bar


It is housed in an attractive and signature cardboard box soap packaging of Dove. I really like the classy and haul-able pack plus all the necessary information you need to know about is written at the back. The soap itself looks like a cream dollop which seems edible 😛 Overall, the packaging is quite similar to the regular dove bathing bar.


Typical Dove fragrance which is mild in nature.


The soap lathers well like normal Dove Soap, but it doesn’t melt like all other soaps. This makes it one of the best baby soaps in the market.

Active Ingredients-

Formulated with our ¼ moisturising cream, gently care for your baby’s skin with this richly nourishing baby bar.


First of all, I am really impressed with the overall package I received. It has Moisture rich baby lotion and cleansing wipes to look after your baby’s skin. I generally use gentle baby bathing gel on her and tried many of them till date. As I avoid harsh soap to use on her skin, I was little skeptical about using this. But Dove is Dove, right? I have been using this soap for 2 weeks now and her skin becomes really soft, supple and hydrated which is a relief because her skin become really dry in summers.

This baby bar formulated with pH balance which restores the adequate amount of natural moisture to your baby’s skin and if you regulate her skin care with the same range nourishing body lotion and proper cleaning with cleansing wipes, you won’t need to worry about your baby’s skin at all.

The best thing about this soap is , it is very mild in nature, improves the texture of your baby’s skin and makes it soft and smooth for a long time. So, if you are someone who prefers gentle yet affordable and high quality baby care products then this can be your go to baby care product.

Highy recommended to all lovely mommies!! 🙂





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